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The Gnostic myths describing these events are full of intricate nuances portraying the declination of aspects of the divine into human form; this process occurs through the agency of the Demiurge who, having stolen a portion of power from his mother, sets about a work of creation in unconscious imitation of the superior Pleromatic realm. Thus Sophia’s power becomes enclosed within the material forms of humanity, themselves entrapped within the material universe: the goal of Gnostic movements was typically the awakening of this spark, which permitted a return by the subject to the superior, non-material realities which were its primal source

Proper noun. Yaldabaoth. (Gnosticism) The name of the Demiurge or ‘False God’. Created when Sophia (one of the lesser aeons) tried to emanate without her counterpart (Christ).

-https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%09+Bobby+Hemmitt+Yahweh-Yaldabaoth    Bobby Hemmitt – Who is the Whiteman’s GOD? Yaldabaoth 2 Corinthians 4:4 https://youtu.be/2R7OljdKPrM

Bobby Hemmitt Yahweh Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth’s goal

What if the God you serve is the Devil

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Yahweh is the Enemy!! Nothing is true, everything is permitted.   Bobby Hemmitt
The aetheric mind parasite called Yahweh or Yaldabaothentered our galaxy 12000 years ago and caused great upheaval. It altered the density of the solar system, causing huge cataclysms on all the planets. Many planets who were previously able to sustain life, were now just desolate sterile rocks. Accounts of that can be found in its book, the Bible.

Because of its parasitic nature, Yahweh needed to reseed life-forms to leech off of. For that, it chose earth. It used the humanoid blueprint that is represented all over the universe – with a minor glitch. It implemented the R-Complex, or reptilian brain, to accumulate large amounts of human emotion, especially fear.

It then put in place a hierarchical structure of humanoids that controlled each other, so it would only have to control the highest layer (pyramid concept, where Yahweh is the eye in the pyramid). Since this time, humanity is ensnared in war after war, only to produce enough fear to satisfy Yahwehsenergetic needs.

Yahweh created the different religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) to ensure a constant conflict which feeds its lust for negative emotions. If it was an entity that lived off off positive emotions, the world would look much different today. Also, this religious control structures keep us humans away from spiritual growth. It is literally a spiritual Big-Mac without any nutrients.

Yahweh is delusional and thinks it actually created the universe, when in reality it destroyed many many naturally evolved creatures.

The gnostics of all ages warned future generations of the Threat. Yahweh knew this and ordered its minions to hunt for the knowledge. This is why there are almost no antique books left and native tribes all over the world were hunted and killed.

Yahweh is cold, predictable, like a machine. It envys us for our ability to connect to the source of all being, which it wants to destroy. Some say, it has a reptilian appearance – but since it is interdimensional, that doesn’t really matter. It is the highest of the Archons and the Overlord of Earth.

Yahweh is also the reason why there is no physical contact to our space brothers. It destroys every living thing that comes close to us.

By http://www.GnosticWarrior.com – In this episode I have the pleasure of having Sevan Bomar on the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show and Podcast. Sevan has been considered a leader in the occult, esoteric and spiritual online movement for several years. He operates the very popular websites Resistance2010.com and AstralQuest.com.

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