The 9 Areas of People Activity


Neely Fuller Jr – In a known universe in which Justice has not been produced, everyone who is able has the duty to do all that he or she can to produce Justice. Mr. Fuller wrote The Compensatory Code System Concept.

Psychiatrist, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing lectures about the system of racism (white supremacy) and counters “the gigantic lies” which portray non-white people as being a genetically inferior minority on the planet.

In loving memory of –  Dr Frances Cress Welsing –  Remembering the Beautiful treasure. You gave us so much. We appreciate you. Also see
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The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors
Paperback – December, 1991
by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (Author) A collection of 25 essays examining the neuroses of white supremacy.

During the course of the struggle of African people against European racism, brutality and domination, many innovation thinkers have risen from our ranks. The greatest and most courageous scholars have devoted their lives to the pursuit of an explanation for the virtually inherent animosity most white people appear to have toward people of color.

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Dr. Frances Cress Welsing – The Psychological Slavery of Black People in the Media

The Compensatory Concept with
Neely Fuller Jr on
Join host nationally acclaimed author Neely Fuller Jr live online from Washington D.C. as he provides insight into the universal law of compensation and its role in … He explores the 9 areas of activity…One can  apply his concepts to understanding and interpreting films, movies, commercials, other media and people interactions. (for movie fanatics you may find this interesting).

Mr Neely Fuller jr (The Compensatory Code Concept)on TalktainmentRadio 20/9/2017

Neely Fuller Jr Bio – Mr. Neely FullerJr. was born on October 6, 1929 at the height of the Great Depression. He served in two branches of the Armed Forces. He served in the Army during the Korean War Conflict for his first term.

In accordance with the Law of Compensatory Counter-Racist Logic, and the Law of Compensatory Counter-Racist Counter-War, the White people who choose to disregard the harm that is done to Non-White people as a result of White Supremacy, are entitled [because of their disregard] to receive the same “type” of harm, and/or “degree” of harm, that is inflicted upon Non-White people.

The Code/Mr. Neely Fuller JR. copies of the The United/Independent Compensatory Code System Concept and/or the complimentary Word Guide at this address:

The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept Textbook: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Code Revised Edition Edition
by Neely Fuller (Author)

Neely Fuller, Jr. has constructed one of the most important books/concepts to help permanently eliminate Racism. His principle contention is this: “If you don’t understand Racism – what it is and how it works – everything else that you do understand will only confuse you.” Most black and non-white people are very confused about White people and the Global System of White Supremacy. This text book, helps non-white people understand that Racism is not an occasional nuisance or an elderly White man with out-dated ways of thinking; rather, Racism is a network of White people who are committed to the maintenance and refinement of the most powerful terrorist organization in the universe. Mr. Fuller also explains some of the ways that White people practice White Supremacy/Racism. The primary method being deception. Mr. Fuller’s work emphasizes that a CRITICAL aspect of eroding White Supremacy/Racism involves being precise and accurate with the use of words. White people generate a considerable amount of confusion and conflict with their use of words. Often, Racist Man & Racist Woman use words to infect black people with false, self-damaging conflicts. Like the term “MINORITY”. And “ANTI-RACIST”. Mr. Fuller’s book gives a detailed explanation of why black people must pay greater attention to the words used to articulate the crimes of White people.

The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Compensatory Counter-Racist Codified Word Guide Paperback – 2010 by Neely Fuller Jr. (Author)

Please buy word guide through the website because they are out of stock on amazon. – The “Word-Tools” presented in this work are specifically intended to assist the user in thinking, speaking, and/or acting in a manner that best helps the process of replacing The System of White Supremacy (Racism) with The System of Justice (balance between people).

There is reason to believe that the “best language” for any people to teach, learn, and use, is language that does the most to (1) guarantee that no person is mistreated; and (2) guarantee that the person who needs help the most, gets the most [constructive] help.

The 9 Areas of People Activity are

(1) Economics,  (2) Education,  (3) Entertainment,  (4) Labor,  (5 ) Law,  (6) Politics,  (7) Religion,  (8) Sex and  (9) War/Counter War

Neely Fuller Jr – Smiling Backstabbers | Evil Behind Smiles

(1) Economics

Economics means the correct distribution of, and/or balance between, all animals, persons, places, plants, things, etc. Economics, in the correct sense, is the sum total of all of the thought, speech, and/or action used to produce maximum efficiency in revealing truth in a manner that promotes the establishment of Justice and Correctness in all areas of activity. Economics also means using all things, thought, speech, and/or action with maximum efficiency with the objective of eliminating Racism (White Supremacy).

Economics does not mean simply acquiring, saving, and/or spending money. Economics is not a tool of money – money is a tool of Economics. Economics is the result of people speaking and acting effectively in the production of Justice and Correctness. It is not simply how money is handled that determines “Economics,” it is a matter of how everything is handled – and to what end. “Economics” pertains to how all “time” and all “energy” is used.

(2) Education

All people, both White and Non-White, have people among them who have great knowledge and understanding of many, many things.

Non-White people, however, do not consolidate, constructively utilize, or efficiently exchange the variety of things that they learn from time to time. They do not record and “store” what they learn. They allow what they learn to “filter away.” They do not pass on constructive information willingly, deliberately, constantly, and efficiently to those who need it most. This is one of the reasons much of what Non-White people once “knew,” has been “lost” or “forgotten.”

Nearly all of the knowledge that Non-White people receive while existing among or in contact with White people, has been presented to them by the White Supremacists (Racists) for the purpose of serving White Supremacy (Racism).

It is correct for all Victims of White Supremacy (Non-White people) to know and understand all that the White Supremacists teach, as well as why they teach what they teach. It is correct for all Victims of White Supremacy to know and understand all that the White Supremacists know and understand.

Knowledge is neutral. It is how knowledge is used, and for what purpose it is used, that produces its value.

(3) Entertainment

Many Non-White people waste too much time, energy, and money by promoting, and/or participating in, frivolous “parties” and “social gatherings.” Most so-called “social gatherings” of Non-White people are none other than excuses to “show-off” or gossip, and/or engage in nit-picking or malicious plotting. Such contacts usually serve to do little more than promote animosity, conflict, “show-offism,” dishonesty, gossip, and other forms of unnecessary and destructive activity.

Many Non-White people spend much time, energy, and money “showing off” to each other. They do this as a means of trying to make the overall effects of Racism (White Supremacy) on their “personal affairs” seem unimportant, and/or non-existent. This show-offism serves no constructive purpose. It only helps Non-White people to become more pitiful, primitive, stupid, and/or silly in comparison to the activities of the White Supremacists (Racists), and/or in comparison to White people in general. Among Non-White people, “showing off” is oftentimes equated with “power” and “intelligence.”

(4) Labor

In a socio-material system dominated by Racism (White Supremacy), all “jobs” that are established and/or maintained by White people, are dominated (either directly or indirectly) by those White people who practice Racism (White Supremacy). No person can be hired, fired, promoted, and/or get “in trouble” on a job unless it is the will of the White Supremacists.

In addition, there is no such thing as a Non-White person being a “supervisor” (“super”/“superior advisor”) on a job in any socio- material system that is dominated by White Supremacy. Only White people are “supervisors” (superior-advisors and/or masters of all advice giving). Non-White people, however, may have “supervisory” titles, but, in truth, only serve as messengers (carriers of messages).

Racist man and Racist woman (White Supremacists, collectively) are the superior “workers” among the people of the known universe. They do more “work” than anyone. The “work” of Racist man and Racist woman is to establish, maintain, expand, and/or refine the practice of Racism (White Supremacy). They use deceit, direct violence, and/or the threat of violence as a way of getting Non-White people to “labor” in (direct or indirect) support of the establishment, maintenance, expansion, and/or refinement of Racism.

(5) Law

Regardless of what you may have been told, expect, at all times, to be mistreated as a result of so-called “laws” and/or “legal systems” that you are involved in, and/or subject to, during the existence of The System of White Supremacy (Racism). Do not expect truth to be revealed or used in a manner that results in Justice, and/or Correctness, through so-called “law-making” that is directly or indirectly dominated by Racistman and/or Racistwoman (White Supremacists, collectively). At best, expect only the expressions of so-called “concern” or “sympathy.”

According to Compensatory Logic, a “Law” is anything that is “done.” This means that every time any “police” person does anything, he or she is practicing, enacting, enforcing etc., a “law” of whatever it is that is being done. It is important to know and to understand that “Law” is not the same as “Justice.”

(6) Politics

POLITICS (People Activity)

The System of White Supremacy (Racism), what it is, and how it works, is specifically designed and intended to result in both White people and Non-White people thinking, speaking, and acting in a manner that is “tragic,” “shameful,” “disgraceful,” “loathsome,” “contemptuous,” “grotesque,” “vulgar,” “obscene,” “indecent,” etc.

During the existence of White Supremacy, the interactions between White people and Non-White people, and between Non- White people and each other, can best be described as “tacky,” “trashy,” and/or “terroristic,” or “The Tragic Arrangement.”

The term “The Tragic Arrangement” means the sum total of all of the things that Non-White people and White people think, say, and do (or not think, say, and do), in regards to their interactions with each other, in all areas of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War/Counter-War.

(7) Religion

According to Compensatory Counter Racist Logic, “religion” means the sum total of everything that a person thinks, and everything that he or she says, plus everything that he or she does. A “religion” includes all parts of a person’s existence, each minute of each day. Even if those “parts” are never put into words, they are still a part of a person’s religion if that person willfully and deliberately speaks and acts according to those parts. Religion is not “separate” from existence, nor is it “separate” from any “part” of existence.

To put an end to unnecessary arguments about what “religion” does or does not mean, pay greater attention to what people actually do, and compare what they actually do with what they, themselves, have said that their choice of religion requires them to do.

(8) Sex

“Sex,” according to Compensatory Logic, is any interaction between a male and a female that may (or may not) include one or more “varieties” of sexual intercourse and/or “sexual play.”

The remarks and suggestions made herein are made with the intention of being helpful in producing constructive results pertaining to Non-White people in their “sexual arrangements” during the existence of The System of White Supremacy. It is important to know and to understand that during the existence of, and because of, The System of White Supremacy, no sexual arrangement (of any kind) will be what it should be. To expect it to be what it should be, is to invite disappointment, and/or unnecessary confusion and conflict.

(9) War / Counter War

As long as White Supremacy (Racism) exists, always think, speak, and act as if you are in a “battle zone,” and that people (White or Non-White) may do you bodily harm at any time, in any place.  Do not think that any place in the known universe is “safe.”  At all times, do your best to be prepared to fight, or to flee, unjust attack.  Danger, in the form of injustice and/or incorrectness exists every place in the known universe.

The White Supremacists (Racists) collectively, intend to practice White Supremacy (Racism) forever.  Therefore, they will kill, or help to kill, enough Non-White people in order to satisfy their need to “have fun,” but they do not intend to kill so many that no Non-White people remain.  They kill, or help to kill, “enough” Non-White people so as to frighten those who remain.  This is the only way that they can continue to enjoy practicing White Supremacy.  White Supremacists not only enjoy killing Non-White people, but they also enjoy terrorizing, confusing, intimidating, brutalizing, depriving, and “making fun” of the weakness, stupidity, and ignorance of Non-White people.  White Supremacists intend to do this forever.