Look into your Natal chart to find what you should really be doing in life. Your resume is a list of credentials you have acquired within the matrix. Your natal chart is a list of credentials you have acquired spiritually upon coming here. ~ Young Pharaoh    – Info about New site click here view video

Now why is this important? Because the credentials stored within the inventory of your natal chart are what you need to navigate this world. The credentials acquired, indoctrinatingly, within the matrix and on your resume are what is needed to navigate as a slave within the matrix. Now why is this important? You want to talk about success within the matrix, sense we in here. Why do you hate your job or why is your job not successful or why are you not being successful at what you are trying to do. Now this goes for everybody. I don’t give a **** if you a drug dealer a police a firefighter an astronaut a baby sister. I don’t give a **** what your occupation is. Why do you either dislike your occupation or why does it seem like you’ve got everything figured out but yet your not going no where. You know why? Because you’re in the wrong god damn energy field fool. So now let me help you out family. Let me help you out. Your resume has nothing to do with who you really are…..

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