Restoring Centripetal Forces Longitudinal key to Bliss Dreaming and Death


Longitudinal key to Bliss Dreaming and Death- Dan Winter lecture 2

Implosion: Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality

The Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality
Science of Bliss and Ecstasy- with Spiritual Hygiene as Science
Intro is for Young People Seeking Spiritual Experience
Takes the serious science of what bliss is,
and develops that into an earnest hygiene.
First part of the book is focus on young people.
Includes Sacred Geometry and Geometric Origin of Language

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Promethean Reach


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– Kundalini – Kundalini Science – Sacred Science

Fractal Conjugate Space & Time: Cause of Negentropy, Gravity and Perception: Conjuring Life: “The Fractal Shape of TIME” Geometric Origins of Biologic Negentropy

Undoubtedly the most radical breakthrough hypothesis since the dawn of science:
That ONE single golden ratio phase conjugating caduceus implosive self-organizing frequency cascade precisely tuned to Planck time/length (Fractal Space and Time)- is the cause of
– gravity
– all negentropy and life force (and coincidence: as charge coupling by charge rotation called ‘time’)
– vacuum coherence / zero point energy
– perception
– the core concept of all spirituality: a selectively pervasive universal living field effect which communicates survival-using lawful wave mechanics- literally the collective mind.
Includes the specific frequencies (optic/magnetic/electric conjugate pump wave) then to repair:
– gravity (and therefore atmosphere),
– life force (rejuvenaton / bioactive healing fields),
– perception (attention deficit for example), and
– negentropy (all wave systems which need to emerge from Chaos- for example: Gaia).
All the calculations in this book- are original discoveries of Dan Winter. They show – hydrogen dimensions, schumann frequencies, photosynthesis frequencies, sacral cranial frequencies, earth orbit time, venus orbit time- (the brainwave frequencies of bliss, the frequencies PRIORE used to heal) these and MANY other dimensional fundamentals of self organized systems – ALL turn out to have ONE newly discovered incredibly fundamental (and negentropic) thing in common. They all are significantly if not exactly integer golden ratio exponents of planck time/length. There is an attractive gravity to this… Being phase conjugate by golden ratio to the key signature of the vacuum IS negentropy… and LIFE!
Dear Physicist: if you don’t agree that golden ratio phase conjugation causes gravity- then what is YOUR explanation for why golden ratio multiples of Planck predict hydrogen structure??

EartHeart (Dan Winter Collection)

EarthHeart: New Emerald Tablets of THOTH- Origin of Meaning, Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Physics- Classic Illustrated from Dan Winter


Original Book on IMPLOSION: Science- Symmetry – Psychology
The practice of FUSION-based on Golden Ratio / fractal – recursion
(phase conjugation). from Dan Winter – more at

Structure of life Fractality Key to the Universe

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