Redefine Your Ideas and Project Them Into Reality


Redefine Your Ideas and Project Them Into Reality (The Power of Positive Self-Awareness)

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Transcript for the hearing impaired – I’m going to address my self to the former subject, which I have chosen. Self awareness and the educational process. First of all what do self awareness mean? Self awareness indicates the way a person sees himself. The way a person feels about himself. A persons own image of himself and his own mind. This is self awareness. The educational process for the purpose of this talk, I define as any and all forms of organized instruction and study. And I’ve discovered a very interesting thing. I have discovered that it is possible and it is happening, that individuals are going all the way through the academic process without every really coming to know themselves. And I marvel at some of the people who come to me for canceling with college graduates and some with masters degrees who don’t really know who they are. Who don’t really have any direction in life. Who don’t really know how to decide what they want to be to do and to have. It is not enough in the educational process to simply cram the individuals head full of facts figures and theories, positive self image psychology should be taught and developed in the individual at every stage of the educational process. And in my philosophy which I sometimes call the science of positive self awareness. We teach the individual to define his ideals and to project his ideals into reality by means of visualization affirmation and meditation. This is using mind power. We teach the individual define what you want to be. What you want to do and what you want to have. And it was surprising to me when I first started consoling in depth to find that there was so many people young as well as other people, when you as them well what do you want to be? I don’t know. What do you want to do in life? What do you want to have? I don’t know. But we teach the individual to come to a point of self definition. What you have to do if you want something. Whatever you want to be whatever you want to do. Whatever you want to have. In your own mind define yourself as the one who is being that. Define yourself as the one who is having that which you desire. Define yourself as the one who is doing that which you wish to do. And then visualize. See your self. Being, doing and having the good which you desire in the theater of your own mind. And whatever we have said with conviction it comes to past. So be careful what you say. Stop jinxing yourself. I want to make a confession since we are going to have church for the next few minutes. I want some confessions for a moment and this will sort of help you to straighten out your psychology so that money can flow to you in a greater abundance. Lets ask for some confessions. How many of you have said something like I can’t hold money? lets have a confession. Alright. We’re not going to say that anymore are we. How many of you have said that money is hard to get? We’re not going to say that anymore are we. Why you? My word that goes forth out of my mouth shall not return unto me void. Now on the national scale for a moment. The experts have talked us into a so called recession. And you have to watch the experts you know. The experts well it’s time for a recession now because after every war there is a recession. Well who said that has to be. And you read it in the media and you keep seeing it. And the idea begins to snowball. Well people are going to have to learn how to have dominion over their own minds and decide that I’m going to be what I want to be. Do what I want to do and have what I want to have. The god that listens to you is within you. Whatever you want to be whatever yo want to do whatever you want to have first of all  affirm that you are that. In your own mind. See yourself being doing and having the good that you desire. This is practicing mind power. This is practicing positive self awareness.

Oprah’s POWERFUL Secret to SUCCESS Using The Law Of Attraction – Oprah Winfrey Show presents

The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s POWERFUL Secret to SUCCESS Using The Law Of Attraction – Transcript for the hearing impaired – Basically the message of the secret is a message that I’ve been trying to share with the world on my show for the past 21 years. The message is that you are really responsible for your life. You are responsible for your life. I’ve known this, I’ve known this since The Color Purple. In 1985, I probably told you this story when I did the The Color Purple, in 1985 I did The Color Purple. Prior to that I had read the book Larry. Now this is when I got “The Secret” thing. But I did not know it was called the secret. I read the book the Color Purple and when I went out and got books for everybody else I knew. And I was obsessed about this story. Obsessed about it. I ate slept thought all the time about The Color Purple. And I moved to Chicago. I get a call from a casting agent asking would I like to come and audition for a movie. I had never gotten a call in my life, from any body or a movie or anything like that. And I say is it the color purple? and he said no it’s a movie called Moon Song and I go oh well I’ve been praying for the color purple and I go to the audition and of course it was The Color Purple. I audition. I don’t hear anything for months. And I go to this fat farm and I think it is because I’m fat. I was about 212 lbs at the time. And I think I did not get the call back because I’m so fat. And I’m at this fat farm and I am praying and crying saying to God. Help me let this go. Because I wanted to be in this movie so much and I wanted it I wanted it I wanted it. I thought I was going to be in the movie. There are all these signs that I should be in the movie. And I go to this fat farm and I am praying and crying and as I am on the track singing the song “I surrender all, I surrender all, All to the my blessed savior,  I surrender all.” I’m singing that song praying and crying. A woman comes out to me and she says on the track it’s raining and she says there’s a phone call for you. And the phone call was Steven Spielberg say I want to see you in my office in California tomorrow. What I learned from that. That moment absolutely changed my life forever because I had drawn The Color Purple into my life. I did not know Steven Spielberg. I did not know Quincy Jones, who saw me in Chicago. In 1984 he was there for a lawsuit that was filed against Michael Jackson, He had been working on his thriller album. And he saw me on AM Chicago. And said that’s Sophia. Now I did not know him I did not know anybody that had to do with that. But I knew that I had drawn that into my life. And it changed the way I thought about my life forever.

The Wisdom of Sundays Book by Oprah Winfrey

You BECOME What You #Believe Oprah

Food, Health, and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes for Great Meals and a Better Life By Oprah Winfrey

You BECOME What You #Believe Oprah – It was very difficult to figure out where my boundaries were, because I’d grown up poor and did not have anything. I can’t quit this job because this is what everybody else wants to do. And if I quit this job what am I going to do. What we all what is to be able to live out the truest highest expression of ourselves. When people show you who they are believe them the 1st time. Hello believe nation its Evan. My one word is believe and I believe in people more than they believe in themselves. And my sincere hope is that if you see in yourself what I see in you, you’ll be able to change the planet. So to help you on your journey today we’re going to learn from entrepreneur, talk show host and philanthropist Oprah Whinfrey and my take on her top ten rules to success volume 3. Numero 6 is my personal favorite and I’d like to which one you guys like the best. Also as your watch if you would like to see something that resonates with you please leave it down at the comments below. And put quotes around it so other people can be inspired by it as well. And if you leave it with in the first couple of hours of this video going live you have a chance to win one of two prizes. Evan Carmichael. Top Ten series. Oprah- you know cause when I just started making money and it was you know my salary or my earnings were published all over the place I mine the first year I was like really did I make that much money Oh My God. Uh it was very difficult for me to figure out where my boundaries were. Because I’d grown up poor and did not have anything. So it’s easy when you don’t have anything and people will ask you for money. And say I need $500 and you say I don’t because I am just trying to get my rent paid. It’s hard when your multi-billion dollar salary is now in the paper and you get a lot of friends and cousins you did not have before. So how do you set boundaries for yourself. I was having trouble setting boundaries for myself for even strangers. People would just show up at my door in Chicago and say Oprah I just left my husband please help me. And I would because, she knows I have it. So don’t try that now though ok. Don’t try that now. I figured it out. So what I learned was that oh the reason why people keep showing up is because my intention is to make them think that I am such a nice person. That you can ask me for anything. You can get me to do anything. I’m going to say yes I’m going to say yes so when Stevie called me this time. I thought I’d try out my first no on Stevie. Lets start big. He wanted me to donate some money to a charity and I did not want to donate to the charity because I have my own charities and I care about a lot of people but the problem is when you have money every body just thinks you want to give to everything so every letter I get starts with we know you love the children. Yes I do love the children but somebody else is going to have to help the children. So I said to Stevie uh I said to Stevie No. And uhm as a person who has that disease to please I was waiting for him to say I will never speak to you again. I will never call you. I will never sing a song for you. And he didn’t. He just said Ok. Ok? It’s ok. He said it’s ok. Check you later. What I’ve learning from that is many times you will have angst and worry about things and put yourself in a state like someone said this morning, because their phone went off they were mortified over a phone I said, really. Uhm You will put your self in a state when the other person isn’t really think about you. So Learning that I could specifically determine for myself what the boundaries where for me. What I wanted to do. Give my money give my time. Give of my service to who I wanted to give it to when I did, that I get to make that decision. And just because you get a hundred requests a week does not me you have to try a fulfill all of that. Just because you have all of these demands on your time and on you doesn’t mean that you have to say yes. You get to decide cause you’re the master of your fate. The captain of your soul as William Ernest Henly said in Invictous. And understanding that really changed the meaning of my life in that I was no longer driven by what other people wanted me to do, but took charge over my own destiny making choices based upon what do I feel is the next right move for me.

O’s Little Guide to Finding Your True Purpose (O’s Little Books/Guides)Hardcover by The Oprah Magazine O

Continue reading… Quincy Jones had I would not even say an important role, I would say The Role in my acting career. When Quincy Jones discovered me. And it’s so interesting to me because when I had uh been working as a television news woman in Baltimore and really all I wanted to do was be an actress but I was doing television and I felt at the time well I can’t quit this job because this is what everybody else wants to do. And if I quit this job what am I going to do. Uhm, and I was going to a speech coach at the time that the station had sent me to. They, you know the broad casting school, they sent every body to the same woman, and I was telling her you know I really don’t want to do this what I really want to do is act well she says my dare you don’t want to act because if you wanted to act you’d be doing it. What you want to be my dare is a star. Because uh if you wanted to act you’d be waiting tables in New York. And I thought now why would I want to be waiting tables if I’m already working in TV. So what I said well what I think is going to happen is I will be discovered because I want it so badly somebody is going to have to discover me. And she said you just dream. You dream you’re a dreamer. So when it happened I called her up. I said you will not believe this. I got discovered. And it really was a discovery. It’s like one of those Lanna Turner stories. Only uh it was not a drug story he was uh in his hotel room. Saw me on TV it was unbelievable I’ll say. The interesting thing about that is that I truly believe that thoughts are the greatest vehicle to change power and success in the world. Everything begins with thoughts. From the chairs that we are sitting in. The room that we are in. All started because somebody thought it. So I thought up the color purple for myself. I know this is going to sound strange to you. I read the book. I got some many copies of that book. I passed the book around to everybody I knew. If I was on bus I’d pass it out to people. And when I heard that there was going to be a movie I started talking it up for myself. I did not know Quincy Jones or Steven Spielberg. Or how on earth I would get on this movie. I had never acted in my life. But I felt it so intensely that I had to be apart of that movie. I just I really do believe I created it for myself. I wanted it more that anything in the world. And would have done anything to do it. Any thing to do it.

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Turn your wounds into wisdom. You  will be wounded many times in your life. You’ll make mistakes. some people will call them failures. But I ‘ve learned that failure is really Gods way of saying excuse me your moving in the wrong direction. It’s just an experience. Just an experience. Just an experience. I remember being taken off the air in Baltimore. Being told that I was no longer being fit for television. And that I could not anchor the news. Because I used to go out on the stories and my own truth was even thought I’m not a weeper, I would cry for the people in the stories. And uh which wasn’t very effective as a news reporter to be covering a fire and uh crying cause the people lost their house. Uh an it wasn’t until they I was demoted as a on air anchor woman and thrown into the talk show arena to get rid of me that I allowed my own truth to come through. And the first day I was on the air doing my first talk show back in 1978 it felt like breathing which is what your true passion should feel like. It should be so natural to you. And so I took what had been a mistake. What had been perceived as a failure with my career as an anchor woman in the news business and turned it into a talk show career that’s done ok for me.

What drives you to keep working so hard? you and I are in the 60’s category and so when your in your 60’s you know you’ve lived more then your going to live. Yah. realistically. So when you’ve realized you’ve live more then you’re going to live you can say why not relax a little bit why not just ease up? Why have you decided to even work harder than you did before?

Ashra Kwesi “Know Thyself” Educational Tour

Because I think David that everybody you know the thing that worked for me. All these years whether it was the magazine or which I still have or whether it was the show I understood that there was a common denominator in the human experience. And I wan the same thing you want which is the same thing you want and you want. What we all want is to be able to live out the truest highest expression of ourselves as a human being. That does not end until you take your last breath. what is the truest highest vision that you hold for yourself? No matter where you are in your life there is always the next level. There is always next level to last breath. So I feel that I always knew that I would be done with the show when I felt like oh I’ve said as much as I could say here, on this platform. And then how will I be used? If there were, if there were a theme song to my life, Amazing Grace would be one of them. And keep on using me till you use me up would be another one. You know the Bill Withers song… So I feel that until you have used your value as a human being your not done.

When I first started as a broadcaster I was ninety very insecure. thrown into television, pretending to be Barbara Walters looking nothing like her. And still going to college so I had to do all my classes in the morning, from 8 to 1 and in the afternoon I’d work from 2 to 10pm and did the 6 o’clock news. And would stay up and study and all that stuff you know until one or two or three o’clock in he morning. You know and just start the routine all over again in the morning. And my class mates were so jealous of me that I remember like taking my little 115 dollar paycheck and uhm at the time I felt that it was really a lot, take 115 dollars and trying to appease them. Anytime anybody ever needed money I was always offering oh you need 10 dollars or taking them out for pizza ordering pizza for the class and things like that trying to, that whole disease to please, that’s where it was the worst for me. You know I think because I wanted to be excepted by them. And could not be. Because first of all I did not have the time. They wanted me to pledge and I didn’t have the time to pledge. I was I didn’t have the time to be apart of all the other college activities. Or apart of that whole life style. And it was very difficult for me socially. Really one of the worst times in my life because I was trying to fit in, in school and be apart of that culture but also trying to build a career in television.

It’s very difficult to even to see myself as successful because I still see myself as in the process of becoming successful. To me successful is getting to the point where you are absolutely comfortable with yourself and it does not matter how many thing you have acquired. The ability to learn to say no and not to feel guilty about it. It is about the greatest success that I have achieved. the fact that I have in the public’s eye have done what ever is fine. It’s all a part of a process for growing for me. But for me to have the kind of internal strength and internal courage it takes to say no I will not let you treat me this way is what success is all about. It’s the same thing that prevents you from being abused as a child. That prevents you from being abused as an adult that allows you to build success for yourself. I will not be treated this way. I demand only the best for myself.

You are worthy to say no. It’s ok if you say no. It’s ok if you say no then people don’t like you. That’s really ok. The important thing is how you feel about what you are doing how you feel about yourself. It’s a long struggle though. It’s a long struggle. And I’m just hoping that you know in the work that I do on the show and the speaking that I do around the country, and that young people who are watching this can get the lesson sooner than I did because it’s painful. Cause you keep repeating it over and over and over until you get it right. And what I’ve found is that every time you have to repeat the lesson, it gets worse. Because it’s I call it God trying to get your attention. The universe trying to get your attention. So we did not get your attention the first time so were going to have to hit you a little harder this time. So I’m still doing it. I still learning.
Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe. When I was a little girl.


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