Psychological Slavery of Black People in the Media


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Unbiased Black History. Dr. Francis Cress W.The Psychological Slavery of Black People

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The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors
Paperback – December, 1991
by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (Author) A collection of 25 essays examining the neuroses of white supremacy.

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During the course of the struggle of African people against European racism, brutality and domination, many innovation thinkers have risen from our ranks. The greatest and most courageous scholars have devoted their lives to the pursuit of an explanation for the virtually inherent animosity most white people appear to have toward people of color.

…Practicing in Washington DC. And I have arrived at the point where I feel that the most important thing we as black people need to understand is the powerful dynamic of racism. Thoughs of you who are familiar with the work of Neely Fuller, know that he has said If you do not understand White supremacy which is racism, what it is and exactly how it works, everything else that you think you understand will only confuse you. So I believe if we are trying to move further into the 21st century and into the 22nd century and into the 23rd century that we have to have clear insight as to what this process is all about. I think it’s in the book of Isaiah, If you do not have…Those of you who do not have a vision…If there is no vision the people will perish. If there is no vision the people will perish, meaning you must have to have a more global understanding of exactly what the forces are on this planet, so we can actually do short range planning as well as long range planning.

Neely Fuller Jr – Talktainment Radio – 9 Areas of Activity – Dr Frances Cress Welsing

I started thinking about racism when I was doing a residency in general psychiatry at Saints Elizabeth’s hospital in Washington DC and it was a program that was based on freudian psychoanalytic theory [Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality argues that human behavior is the result of the interactions among three component parts of the mind: the id, ego, and superego. Freud Reappraised: A Fresh Look At Psychoanalytic Theory] and nothing was really being said about the mental health of black people. I’m a third generation physician. My fathers was a physician. His father was a physician. And my parents told us, that you are getting an education not to leave your community. You are getting an education in order to help your community. So the black patients that I would talk to and take a history on, within the history of every black patient, would be aspects and dimensions of racism. And when I was an undergrad I considered myself to be a Marc-est. I thought that economics was causing racism, that it was a means for economic exploitation. Well you can have ideas as an undergrad, but when you are a physician and responsible for the care of patients, you really have to know what your talking about. I remember going home when I was an undergrad. You know my parents and my grandmother were sitting at the dinning room table, and I announced I’m a Marc-est. And my grandmother said the more education the dumber they get.

But anyway talking to patients and seeing this gigantic monster in the middle of their history about racism, I said I’ve really got to understand racism in depth. And the training program that I was in, it was at a government hospital. All of the people in charge of the train program were white people. And they actually taught us, there were a few black residents. I think three out of twelve. That black people did not have the intellectual potential to benefit from psychotherapy. That the best treatment from black people was medication. Well that gives you, “does not compute”, for me. So I said to my self, I want to understand really more about racism. I happened to have been at a social gathering. And these were black people sitting around after a black power committee meeting. And I heard a gentleman across the room say “racism is a system”. And it was almost like a light bulb going on. That was Neely Fuller. How many of you are familiar with his work. I consider him to be on of the critical thinkers in our group, in the twentieth century and into the 21st century. He was saying that racism is a system. And let me…we got get this really in our head. He said it was a system and the system function in all areas of people activity economics, education, entertainment, labor, Law, politics, religion, sex and war. And that the purpose of this system is to maintain the power equation of white over non-white…white power over non-white powerlessness.

So I thought this was a very profound concept, those of you who are familiar with the work of Dr. Dubois. Dr. Dubois in 1903 said that the problem of the 20th century is the question of the color line. This [white over non-white] is the problem of the color line. So I said to myself why would a system for the purpose of maintaining white power over non-white powerlessness, why would suck a system evolve on this particular planet, planet earth? And then I thought about some of things that are said within the system. One of the critical it say is that we are taught that white is a majority. Is that right? And we are told that non-white is genetic inferior. And I just thought about the things that you know you learn going to school for a long time and go into medical school. I said wait a minute. White is a tiny minority. Fewer than one tenth of the people on the planet have white skin. And instead of black people being genetically inferior the ability to produce this black pigment. Melanin is a genetically dominant trait. And we have an excellent example. in our president, Barack Obama. His mother is white. His father was black. And you mix them together and what do you get? A colored person. You see, all ways a black person. So I say that oh ok on this planet earth in the 15th century we have columbus 1492 coming out of Europe, and realizing that the earth was round and flat.

And everywhere these white people landed. They found colored people right? And if those men were sexually frustrated, and the people were over kind. And the women, or the men imposed sex, however you want to look at it. If they waited around nine months they found that all of the children looked like the mother. And so they realized, wait a minute…we are a tiny minority in Europe and and no other place there are white people. So wait a minute what if these men got in boats and started going from south to north? We could genetically disappear. Now this may not make sense to black people. Because under white supremacy black try to get rid of their color. Don’t they. White people don’t what to disappear. And I have asked audiences of white people, do you want your child to be colored? Do you want your grand children to be colored? Do you want your great grand children to be colored? Do you want your great great great great grand children to be colored? I’m polight and their polight and what do they say? NO. Meaning they do not want to disappear. So I said if you mean this, then you have to do certain things specific things in all of these areas of activity so white does not disappear on planet earth. Now unbeknownst to us this is the critical underlying motivation for all the behavior of people who classify themselves as white on this planet.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the name Tom Metzger he is one of the arch white supremacists or white separatists.  Some years ago I was on a television program in Los Angeles when president Regans son had a television talk show. And so this particular show. Was a panel of people. I’d say 10 people, talking about race and racism. I just happened to be sitting next to Mr. Metzger. And so during commercial break I kind of touched him on his arm. I’m sitting right next to him. And he did not say “don’t touch me nigger”.  I said mister Metzger tell me something what percentage off people who classify themselves as white are fearful of white genetic annihilation. And he answer very polightly. He said “Dr. Welsing, nearly all of them. But they are ashamed…they are afraid to admit it”. Now I can understand that in other words, this system is about white genetic survival. Now there’s some people who have organized the system for their genetic survival. What’s the chance that their going to give that system up? Nah! You see they work hard [to maintain the system] and we can consider it unjust, the most just system that has ever been devised on the planet where you have one tenth of the people deciding that they need to control nine tenth of the people on the planet. But all along I maintain that we have not understood this. We thought when we were formally enslaved. If they would just take off the chains, everything was going to be ok. So they removed the chains and so what did they do next?

They put laws in place. To accomplish the same thing. And we went through the 19 century in what is being called the civil rights era. And the black people with all of their dignity and their pride. And their courage. Going up against horses and hoses and dogs. To get to vote. To get that change. Coming out of the movement. Saying black pride. Black is beautiful. Black powerful. Black self respect. And the people who had something else in mind, said “That’s dangerous”. If people are talking about self respect. And dignity, then I encourage everyone to look at the film Eye on the Prize. And look at those black people, men and woman. And children going up against a horrific force. But they were determined and they had their self respect with them. But the system “this is dangerous”. “If we let these people go forward talking about black pride, black dignity, black is beautiful we will be in trouble. So we have to have something for them.” And I maintain that’s when they decided we have to feed them images of Superfly. Prostitutes, pimps selling drugs, men kicking woman. All kinds of language. Following that up into the present with having black people call themselves niggers. And dogs. And gangsters and thugs and bitches and hoes. No once that’s in the brain computer. You can do anything. You see now that’s the complete annihilation of self respect. Now we did not understand it we thought this is just entertainment. Like the movie Monster ball. Or the movie Precious. You see, or the movie for colored girls. See we don’t have a clue, we don’t have a clue about what is going on. See we’ve been thinking, and god bless Dr Martin Luther King, a minister but a Great political scientist. He said it is about love. Everybody should love. And he got killed. And I say the reason being and that if everybody on the planet all these people, white, non-white love and the love was expressed in sexual activity, what would happen? White would disappear. You see so, kill him, because that would mean our genetic disappearance.

So, if the system is about white genetic survival, what do they have to worry about most? ok so I give you a B+. Black men, white women. Ok well lets even take it further in that if the concern is white genetic survival. They don’t have to worry about black woman. Why? You see the test is going to be next week. The reason being is that men, males whether their white black brown red or yellow can impose sexual intercourse If I were to try to impose sexual intercourse on any of the gentlemen here, and they said “I’m sitting next to my wife” and I went to my purse and I got my Oozy, I frightened the man, what’s going to happen? [Frances gestures a thumbs up then turns it down to symbolize a non-erect penis] I hope everybody got that? The erection cannot be maintained in the presence of fear. So females cannot impose sexual intercourse, you know like ultimately, what? Frighten the man. Now the creator made that possible so somebody if they were in danger. They would not be in conflict. You see if fear by unemployment could cause a man to have erection problems. Are you all with me? So there’s a reason that if the concern is genetic survival. And see we are decoding this material, because we have thought somehow  if some white people who are going to work with us. Sometimes we thought it was republican sometimes we thought it was Lincoln and you know sometimes  democrats, even president Obama is finding out, it could be republicans or democrats, but if it’s a black man their being asked to support, they start jumping ship. because the test for white people, you see they in other words, they work 24/7 they don’t sleep. They’ve got three shifts going.

You see we work one shift and then go to bed and then party. They work 24/7 about maintaining the conditions for their survival. You see because it is very serious to them. And if the have some people that classify themselves as white who start looking like they are getting out of line. What’s the question that they ask? Are you a nigger lover. you see are you with us or are you with them? Now this is a fundamental question that has to do with the issue of their survival. So we can not depend on communist conservatives liberals greens libertarians. Well you see this is not a lecture about now Now hate white people. It is a lecture about understanding the opposition. And one of the best analogies to have in mind is the game of chest. See what is the game of chest about? [strategies] those are nice B C answers. Its about white king check mating black king. White always moves first. So white is playing offense defense. And black is playing defense offense. So this is what we have. This is distressing to a lot of people because we want to believe as we were even programmed to believe in the area of religion. You see I don’t know how many of you are a little bit older than many. But if you went to Sunday school my grandfather was chairmen of the decan and trustee board so we were in Sunday school before we could see straight. But what did we learn? That god is white. And anybody that think they did not learn that god was white…See if you were given that little Sunday school card with that white picture of Jesus, your brain automatically concluded that his father had to be white. His father could not have been black. Now if he was an historic figure he was black. Even Billy Gram said that Jesus could not have been white. But we are programmed to think that Jesus was white and therefore is father is white and we were taught to sing Jesus translate white man loves the little children. All the little children of the world. Red yellow black and white. All are precious in his site. How many know that song. Oh no more church going in these days. There was a time when everybody knew those basic songs. You see but being taught, that god is white, and they’ve got a musical came out some time ago “Arms too short to box with god’ meaning arms too short to box with the white man. See when I was a little child. Having seen the Sunday school card with Jesus on it. I had just drawn my own conclusion. That the man on the Quaker oats box must be God. See he was somewhat older with white hair. Jesus was younger so you know now we thank him for the food we just had this Quaker oats box in the pantry. I mean that was my conclusion. But if you any of you saw a Sunday school card with a white Jesus your Brain jumped to that conclusion too without your knowing it. That’s called a subconscious conclusion.

So anyway. This was deeply programmed in our thinking. But I tell people that the truth you can not hide it. That it will come out in material. It will come out through the subconscious. Because if we break the name Jesus down in ebonics it spells jes’us. That’s who were waiting for…Jes us, to get our heads together. Now I say that as black people. We greet each other a zillion times a day with saying “Hey, what’s happening” cause we don’t know what’s going on. See we keep running into a wall and we wonder how come things have not worked out. Because we have been deceived. We have been told we are in a democracy. Where everybody is equal. The truth and the reality is that we are in a system of racism white supremacy. See we’re told that the system of democracy has imperfections. No we are in a system of white supremacy that has been perfected. And that’s why we keep staying basically in the same position. And as long as we don’t understand we are dealing with a system, every week we just complain another black man has been shot another black man has been killed. You see ten over there or three over there. Oh well lets add up the statistics so somebody will run and complain about it. But if it is happening over and over again. that implies intentionality.  And if the system is about white genetic survival who is the enemy of the state? No, the Black man. See in a war if you can take care of the business as defined the problem is white genetic survival. So what do you have to knock out. In order to not worry about white genetic survival? The attack has to center around the black man. Now years ago in the 1970s’ I was teaching at Howard University College of Medicine and I would have Neely Fuller lecture every Monday night, from 8 till 1 o’clock in the morning and it would be students and people from the community. And Mr. Fuller use to talk about the system of racism white supremacy is going to have black men wearing dresses. Now this is 1970 about 72, 73. And that sounded so far out. Nobody… What’s he talking about. What is recently happening atMorehouse college? The President of Morehouse college had to anounce and lay down the law that the black male students thoughs that were so inclined could not were high heel shoes. Could not wear dresses and carry pocket books. Now this is 2010 that if the system. See in other words we have to keep system about white genetic survival. See this is what the system is about. See the system is working 24/7.

If I turn the black male in to a female can I relax about the fear of white genetic survival? Absolutely. Now I don’t know what goes on here in New York. I have not been here in a while. In DC. that have a lot of men with their pants hanging down. In the train station when I bought my ticket to come here. There’s a black gentleman had on some expensive clothes, had some nice luggage. His pants were down here. So he would pull the luggage like this and he got his ticket and he had to stop [and pull his pants up] walk a few more steps [and pull his pants up]. See now in other words imagine somebody looking down from another galaxy or planet. You just have to understand the context and the power that is controlling it. Do you see what I’m saying. So to understand what is happening because what are we told? 70% of the households are without fathers. Read a book recently where a young black man is talking about having got into some difficulty during a car jacking carried a gun at 16, and he said in the book I had to go to prison to find my fathers. He said “fathers” [plural]. He said prison was the first time he had an opportunity. Now he did not consciously put himself in that situation but looking for fathers. I had a black male child say to me. You know somebody brings the child to the psychiatrist  cause he’s not studying or something. I had one child say to me who was about 10 or 11 years old, Dr Welsing I think I could do my homework if I just had an official father. Now that makes a psychiatrist want to fall under the desk and start crying. I had another child say I had a father he could of at least tells me what goes on under the hood of the car. I had another child all these children are brought in the psychiatrist because somebody says (teacher, principle) their smart but they won’t do their homework. Or they won’t study. This child came and I said don’t you want to work hard in school. This was years ago.  So you can help black people. And this little boy said NO! He wasn’t being smart Alecky. He was not being rude. And I said you know the psychiatrist wants to hear the child say yes. He said No! And I said why not? He said if you try to help black people your going to be killed. Now this is a litte black child about 11 years old. He said Malcom X, George Jackson. I said IQ 265. If you try to help black people you are going to be killed. Was he right? [Yes!] That’s just like President Barack Obama has had more death threats than any president in the history of the United States. You see because just that presence of a black man in the white house it like I think a lot of white people who initially voted for him wanted to appear liberal you see but once he is in that white house and a black man with a black wife and a black grandmother…that’s the whole package. They begin to understand Oh My God, if he’s in power and not only that the reception that he receives all over the non-white world. Do you see, so they started shacking because people who classify themselves as white are consciously carrying around in their mind fear of white genetic annihilation.  They repress that. You see but how do we know. Based on other behaviors that they engage in it’s just like Tom Metzger said the majority of white people area fearful of their genetic annihilation.

Sometimes white people will say to me Dr. Welsing what can I do to help? And I said tell black people what white people talk about when their is no black people around. They all go silent. Because what area they talking about? Their either talking direct or in code about white genetic survival. I had a white college professor say to me after I had been invited to speak at a prison. White University giving educational programs in a prison. 100% of the prison is black men. So I went to go to talk about the same thing I’m talking about here about racism. So this white processor said to me cause she drove me out there and drove me back home. She said, see sometimes when you push truth and I am not being rude and disrespectful, people feel compelled to come out with their truth so she said Dr. Welsing you know I hate to admit but on all social occasions, not some, not a few, on all social occasions when theirs white people together and it’s no black people around she said we are talking negatively about black people, and the assumption is that everybody present is in agreement. So I told here that I understood that. See their simply talking code, their just talking code about their survival. The are not going to reveal it their just going to say gosh isn’t it nice that we are in a democracy. You see but they are talking code about their survival and at the same time that a black man is in the white house theirs millions of people locked up in prison. Millions and thousands of black men locked up in prison. You can say the incarceration of black genetic material. Now I say that the system 24/7 is talking about this critical problem and activity that you would not think is talking about white genetic survival. So one day one Sunday it was so quiet I said gee! what happening? It was so quiet. See when it’s quite you can think, and this is why they say Now this is your music BOOM DE BOOM DE BO! See all that loud music turns off the brain computer because of sensory overload. See they use loud music, our loud music to torture people in Guantanamo . To torture people To make them go crazy. But they feed it to us and say this is your music. This is what we want you to hear. But when it was quite and I said what’s going on? And it came to me….

Ball games. And I said to myself for Ball games to have a whole city be quite the ball games must have a significance, an important significance that we are not generally focusing on. So it just pops into [mind] See once you understand the context meaning system of white supremacy for white genetic survival. This is the context in which everything language speech activity takes place. So it just occurred to me, came into my computer. There’s two series of ball games. In the system of racism white supremacy. If you read The Isis Papers don’t answer. What are the two series of ball games, see your looking at it all the time.  But if you don’t see the context you won’t see it. But your looking at it. What are the two series of ball games? If you read the book you’re going to be expelled if you answer. The two series of ball games in the system of racism white supremacy are Big Brown and small white. No you read the book. Why so? Because once we’re talking about genetic survival, then this is what automatically comes into brain computer subconscious [a penis with two genitals]. And this is not a man with glasses. Do I need to get a model to stand on the table? See why does this come into mind? Because this is a diagram of male genitalia. This is the phallus or the penis. These are the testicles.  The testicles contain the genetic material. What are the testicles called colloquially? Balls. Is that right class. See I don’t make up stuff. I just observe. Balls! So out of this brain computer, that set up a system of white supremacy, comes two…, see this does not come out of our brain computer. It didn’t have to. So the Big Brown balls means the genetically dominant balls, and they are brown. What are they? Football, Basket ball, bowling ball, turf ball. Small white; marbles, ping pong, golf, baseball, tennis. But do you see what I’m saying. Well you see this is just fantastic. This is coming out of a system that is worried about white genetic survival and by their think of the white ball as small. And producing small white balls means they at a subconscious level are aware of their genetic vulnerability. Are you follow this? See this is being being played out. These ball games are going on all the time 24/7. So it does not matter whether you are picking up consciously or subconsciously, it is still getting the message across. So beyond that, in the game of…well first of all. What do white females say about their ideal male. [Tall dark and handsome]. Not tall blonde, right. But tall DARK and handsome. And so in the football this big brown ball goes into some white upright legs at the end of the field. Are you all with me? The basket ball goes into a white net. Are you all with me? Is this an adult class? And it’s white girls in short dresses that’s dancing on the side. And a black girl can hardly get on the squad. Is that correct? Now a white man said to me Dr. Welsing do you know what white men say? I said no I don’t. He said white men say that their not men until when? Until they have had sexual intercourse with a black woman. See it’s a lot of young people in here. See this is the under pinning in the culture. This is what the culture is really thinking about all the time. The people who are thinking.

So the most powerful men play what ball game? Golf. Now our president just got hurt playing basket ball. You see but what’s the game that presidents play? Golf. Now how is that game played. I’m going to demonstrate. Long stick held between legs. Trying to get the little white ball in whole in black mother earth. Are there any little children? I see a couple. I’ll address the grown ups. The golf course is laid out and it always has water wholes it has ruff. It has sand traps and it has a whole that it is suppose to go in. Now anybody studying anatomy if you see the female anatomy you’ll understand. This is pubic hair. See the ball happens to go in the ruff. Or the ball can go in the water. See the female genitalia, the vaginal opening. You have to nazzel where the urine comes out. Then you have the anus and that’s the sand trap. Are you all with me? [Yes]. I don’t want to ruin anybody. We have got to understand racism white supremacy. We have got to understand that while we are playing their staying on the stakes 24/7. And that’s why a minority can control a majority on the planet. See by words. By symbols. What about the game of? What…? What about the game of billiards? Or pool. Green field long stick. Try angel. A whole lot of colored balls. See the triangle is the female vaginal Orphus. Take the triangle off and what’s the game about. Long stick white ball knocks all the colored balls under the table. And what ball is left on top of the table? The white ball. The black ball is the last ball to go in. We’re doing too much partying and eating and not observing. The black ball is the last ball to be knocked in. And the expression is what? President Obama. You don’t want to be caught where? behind the eight ball. See if your behind an eight ball that means that that’s a black male is in power. Your not following me. What else can we look at on here?

Let’s look at the password in the black community at least it use to be. Do people in New York Brooklyn say mother fucker? [Yes] One day I came out to the clinic and there were some young people who were passing. And were “the mother fucker…the mother fucker… fuck a mother…” So my first reaction is Oh my God. The second reaction. If a word or a phrase is used with high frequency, there has to be a reason behind it. So I said to myself. In the system of racism white supremacy, their are five people categories. Man, Woman, boy, girl, baby. Who is the man? I said here comes the man, you all. Why are you all so quite [the white man]. “The Man” is the white man. Any other man has for choices. Black men historically don’t call me no boy. The white supremacist say ok you got four choices. It use to be that woman and girl were out. Boy and baby was in. How many black lady’s have called the man that their highly familiar with baby. Ya’ll better stop…See lying to yourself…You’ve read the book. How many gentleman have called the lady their high familiar with Mama; Hey mama can I ride with you? Let’s get a witness. How many gentleman have called the place where they sleep a crib? Are you following what I’m saying? Man who calls himself baby. Calls the woman he sleeps with mama. Calls the place where he sleeps a crib. Will call himself what? A mother fucker. Are you all with me? [Yes] Now my mother bless her soul was a chicago public school teacher. So this is some time ago. She is deceased now. But she called up. I’m in Washington. She’s in Chicago. Hi mom hi. My mother said hi Frances. She said I heard that you said that word in public. And I said mom what? what? You know! I said no I don’t mom what? What? She said Marilyn Father. I have never hard that before but that is what…you know. I said mom don’t worry. It is a political expression. How so? Man calls another man “The Man”. And calls himself “baby”. The power of a man compared to the power of a baby. Who’s powerless. [The baby]. Politics…political means the power relationship between people. No body has to feel bad. This is the system that we are talking about. The system of racism white supremacy has to take power from the black male if there is going to be white genetic survival. Are you all with me? See now if we begin to understand this so that we understand what we are dealing with then we can begin to have choices about what we are going to do on the black side of the chess board. Because white supremacy is coming down attacking us by any means necessary. See whether they have to do it with Tuskegee syphilis experiment, HIV, AIDS, Ebola, whatever polimer in Haiti, whatever! For their survival. So we don’t understand the game. What in the world can we do? You see but once black people. Once black men understand the game. Basket ball is a game about tactics and strategy. Football is a game about tactics and strategy. So all the person wants to know what’s the game how is it played. And what are the rules. But we have been deceived so we have not understood what the game is all about. So we’re floundering all over the place. Not understanding and not making points. So we don’t understand the system. And I maintain for those who want to do something about this critical situation. Neely Fuller has said there are four possible ways that a victim of a system can respond. They can submit.  They can cooperate. They can resist. Or they can engage in destruction. Now destruction of… Those are the people who are already dead. Martin Luther King, Malcom X. The people who they’re going to move in spite of the pressure. They don’t mind losing their life. I’m not advocating that. These are all individual choices. Submission means it’s too much for me, let it just role on over. Cooperation – just give me a job. Two figures. Three figures. Resist – I’m talking about the system so I’m resisting. If they say Frances we’ll kill you, I’ll probably jump back here. It’s all a matter of choice. Do you see at least to be consciously aware of what is going. Like Neely Fuller say’s who is an Uncle Tom? A person you see when you brush your teeth. See how quiet No! That’s just cooperating with the system. The slave master told uncle tom to take some of the slaves to another plantation. he did not run away. He said I gave my word so I go back back to the plantation. The slave master did him in but he was cooperating. See if you stop at a red light your cooperating. If you stop at the cashier in the supermarket… See your owed everything free. Every black person is due several trillion dollars. For what happened to us. You see but so you pay at the cashier. You stop at the red light. We’re into cooperation. But people can decide to resist. I say talking about what the system is really all about. Not deceiving ourselves as to what the system is actually about. And the people who keep resisting even though there are threats. To their lives there in a special category. This is not show off category. It’s just were the persons will and where their commitment is. And again this is not about name calling white people. Cussing out white people. See i was given a lecture on Thursday. I said. You know one of the most important things we can do in relationship to people who classify themselves as white is to say we are afraid of you all. We’re afraid of you all. See how quiet it is. It means that truth but it is not speaking out. Do we have a right to  be afraid. Sure! Sure!

Look at this. I said this is the problem. [Male genitalia] Perceived as the problem. When a white police officer so called stops a black man and says I thought he had a weapon [he does…black male genitalia] His genetic power. You see think of all the cases. I thought he had a weapon. The man just had a wallet in his hand or his keys. I thought he had a weapon. And that’s enough for the person to be what…[afraid] You see this is a front view of male genitalia and this is a lateral view.  If you turn that around ninety degrees you get this. What does that look like. [A gun] And what is a gun called in the system. The great equalizer. Meaning you have weapon can annihilate me. Must create weapon can do same thing. Do you see so where is the gun worn. One each side. That’s just like this. And then it’s called justifiable homicide. Do you see meaning anytime I see a black male and I get a little bit nervous, if I’m authorized to carry a gun I’m authorized to kill him. Are you all with me? I see fear. Don’t feel bad. This is war. War for white genetic survival. By any means necessary. You see but if we don’t face what it is, then people are engaged in a pretense that everything is alright. But everything is not all right. We are in a state of a slide toward genocide. See you cannot have the men from a community be removed and have a people. Are you all with me? You see white supremacy is so bold. On the front page of the New York post a little while ago, they said black women should, because they know all the black men are all gone, so you should start dating white men. On the front page of a News Paper do you understand? That’s just like slavery. We’re killing off the black men. Hey do you want to have a man so called? And a white man. You see then on the other side. Their saying that we are unleashing a certain number of white females to go with black men because that will make them believe that racism white supremacy does not exist. A young man came up to me on Thursday at my institute and said I just came back from Germany Dr Welsing, says there are a lot of black men who are out of the service and their married to German women. He said if it weren’t for the color you know their kind of built like black women. See that’s the Caroline brigade. So I said I guess you’ll be going back to German? See that the system has figured out in formal slavery when the white slave master would be rampantly rapping African women but the mother would be black and she would tell the child your black, white females tell their offspring you are not black your mixed. Now what does that mean she is actually thinking about black? To say to the child you are not black, but let him try to stop a cab. Let him try to get a job so he becomes schizophrenic because he has been taught by the mother to hate black. I really don’t respect your father. You see but these are all of the kinds of confusions and difficulties that go along with maintaining a system of racism white supremacy. So every black person has a whole lot of choices; submit, cooperate, resist, or try to destroy.

So this is where we are. But what do we do? See if somebody because what we need we need some strong people over here, males and females alike. So if I can wave a magic wand, if I could wave a magic wand I would say for us to fight racism white supremacy we nee some strong people. Where do people start getting strong? When? [When you fall down] That’s not the answer I’m looking for. They start getting strong before the sperm hits the egg. You know people use to insult people by saying you’re a bird brain. You know cause birds have little tiny brains. When I say the bird knows we build a nest before you lay and egg. Are you all with me. See no body has to feel bad. In other words we have been victimized by a system that does not want us to be strong and functional the system can’t tolerate black people being strong self-respecting and functional. And so it creates where we are. But if people are going to be strong I would say don’t chase me out. I believe that if I could wave a magic wand because I’m trying to get an army over here, of self-respecting black people. So I would say black people need to be 35 for males, 30 for females before having sex [ooohhh] and they need to be married. Because what the system has us doing, see we are under fire 24/7. This is stress city. At least for people to be older because if I’m 14, 15 there’s no way I can pass on strength to a child. It’s no possible way. It’s no possible way that if I can take care of somebody for 25 years to stand them on their feet. Are you with me. I formal slavery we were breeders and studs. Are you all with me? [Yes]. And the offspring [children] were sent away to different plantations. That’s called foster care. Are you all with me? I’m so sick and tired of seeing patients in foster care who were sexually abused. 10 foster homes. How can somebody come out sane? When the intention for them to come out sane was not the goal. Do you all, so this is like fight back. We all know they are genociding us… You see once you teach people, call yourself a gangster, call yourself a thug, call yourself a bitch and a hoe, then it does not even matter what happens to you? What’s suppose to happen to a bitch? What’s suppose to happen to a hoe? What’s suppose to happen to a dawg? [Right] The system says hey I’m really wiping you off. Just like…and the only response is No your not. No your not for those who can. No your not. But see we don’t really have a convincing response to that. So they can come to people, you’ve seen CNN. You seen Soledad O’brien talking about jones town. And they keep putting it on. And putting it on. And putting it on. A thousand-black people were killed. I say they had to be gassed, following white Jesus called Jim Jones. I say they had to be gassed because dawgs don’t drink Kool-aid. And they had dawgs dead laying with their feet up in the air. You see if you had drunk cyanide you would be convulsing and not laying straight. But what they are doing is saying now were going to kill a thousand and see how they’ll react. Let’s say we’ll kill 40 and call it the Atlanta child murder. They don’t react. Let’s say I’ll kill 2000 in Haiti and tell them it was polymer. They have no reaction. Are you all with me? [Yes, indeed] These are experimental test to see what they do. Have…in having them repeat gangster and thug and bitch and hoe and nigger and saying those are terms of endearment. Either we have to give the system…mission accomplished. Mission, tournament won. Do you see so we have to think.

How can we start valuing ourselves? See when people are work…see if you turn on your tv in the morning getting white white white white white white white white white white white. Blonde white women white white white white white white white white white white white white white white WHITE white white white white white white white white white. See and then Anderson Cooper can come on CNN and have the little children, a little 3-year-old white child. How many of you saw this program? It’s too bad the audience didn’t see it. Because they gave the little white children a strip with colored faces on it. You know like white face, little tan face, all the way to the black face. 3-year-old white child. Which child is stupid? With out hesitation [chooses] the black child. Which child is ugly [chooses] the black child. Which child is bad [chooses the black child]. Without a moments hesitation. And then they did the say thing with some black children. Beautiful little children. Which child is ugly? [child chooses] Black. Which child is dumb and stupid? [child chooses] black. See and both parents. White parents Oh I don’t know how. Those are just primary lessons in the system of racism white supremacy. And all you have to do is put a child in front of the television and they learned the lesson. Not to mention conversations that might go on in the household. About isn’t that girl pretty. Well isn’t that girl crystal black? No … See we have to get in touch with the truth. See little black baby’s the day they are born. The family goes to the hospital and looking through the glass. The nurse says this one is yours, ah no this must be a mistake. No got. Check the bracelet again.

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Dr Frances Cress Welsing The Psychological Slavery of Black People in the Media Part 2