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Melanin : A Key To Freedom
Check Amazon for pricing. Paperback – Unabridged, August 22, 2001
by Richard King (Author),‎ M.D (Author)

A Study of Ancient African History reveals an early African definitions of the human melanin system as a whole body Black Melanin System that serves as the eye of the soul to produce inner vision , true spiritual consciousness , creative genius , beatific vision , to become godlike , and to have conversation with immortals . The purpose of ancient education was to provide knowledge and development of the will of the student that allowed salvation of the soul from the fetters of the physical body .

Melanin: What makes Black People Black
Check Amazon for pricing Paperback – October 15, 2009
by Llaila Afrika (Author)

The Black race s under-education, dys-education (dysfunctional) and mis-education about Melanin merely reflects one particle of a mis-education. Black people must Know Thyself and to know yourself is to know Melanin.

1: Melanin: The Chemical Key To Black Greatness (Black Greatness Series)Paperback – August 1, 2001
Check Amazon for pricing by Carol Barnes  (Author)This book, is designed to familiarize the Black Human with Melanin and its importance to life, memory processes, ancient African history, sunlight, music, dancing, anti-aging, anti-cancer, religion, electromagnetism, and any other scientific and cultural parameters.

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