Neely Fuller’s Top 8 Greatest Generational Movies


(4) Labor

In a socio-material system dominated by Racism (White Supremacy), all “jobs” that are established and/or maintained by White people, are dominated (either directly or indirectly) by those White people who practice Racism (White Supremacy). No person can be hired, fired, promoted, and/or get “in trouble” on a job unless it is the will of the White Supremacists.

In addition, there is no such thing as a Non-White person being a “supervisor” (“super”/“superior advisor”) on a job in any socio- material system that is dominated by White Supremacy. Only White people are “supervisors” (superior-advisors and/or masters of all advice giving). Non-White people, however, may have “supervisory” titles, but, in truth, only serve as messengers (carriers of messages).

Racist man and Racist woman (White Supremacists, collectively) are the superior “workers” among the people of the known universe. They do more “work” than anyone. The “work” of Racist man and Racist woman is to establish, maintain, expand, and/or refine the practice of Racism (White Supremacy). They use deceit, direct violence, and/or the threat of violence as a way of getting Non-White people to “labor” in (direct or indirect) support of the establishment, maintenance, expansion, and/or refinement of Racism.

(5) Law

Regardless of what you may have been told, expect, at all times, to be mistreated as a result of so-called “laws” and/or “legal systems” that you are involved in, and/or subject to, during the existence of The System of White Supremacy (Racism). Do not expect truth to be revealed or used in a manner that results in Justice, and/or Correctness, through so-called “law-making” that is directly or indirectly dominated by Racistman and/or Racistwoman (White Supremacists, collectively). At best, expect only the expressions of so-called “concern” or “sympathy.”

According to Compensatory Logic, a “Law” is anything that is “done.” This means that every time any “police” person does anything, he or she is practicing, enacting, enforcing etc., a “law” of whatever it is that is being done. It is important to know and to understand that “Law” is not the same as “Justice.”

(6) Politics

POLITICS (People Activity)

The System of White Supremacy (Racism), what it is, and how it works, is specifically designed and intended to result in both White people and Non-White people thinking, speaking, and acting in a manner that is “tragic,” “shameful,” “disgraceful,” “loathsome,” “contemptuous,” “grotesque,” “vulgar,” “obscene,” “indecent,” etc.

During the existence of White Supremacy, the interactions between White people and Non-White people, and between Non- White people and each other, can best be described as “tacky,” “trashy,” and/or “terroristic,” or “The Tragic Arrangement.”

The term “The Tragic Arrangement” means the sum total of all of the things that Non-White people and White people think, say, and do (or not think, say, and do), in regards to their interactions with each other, in all areas of activity, including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, and War/Counter-War.

Neely Fuller Jr. – The Black Code System Concept

The United-Independent Compensatory code/system/concept [Paperback]

Dr.Neely Fuller Jr’s basic premise is this:

“If you do not understand ‘white’ supremacy (as racism)–what it is, and how it works–everything else that you understand, will only confuse you”. Dr. Neely Fuller Jr breaks down his idea of there being 3 basic types of people in the known universe, that being white people, non-whites and white supremacists/racists.

In his explanation, white people are “people who classify themselves as ‘white’ and have been classified as ‘white’, accepted as ‘white’… and who generally function as ‘white’ in all of the nine major areas of activity.” He defined non-whites as “people who have been classified as ‘non-white’, and/or who generally function as ‘non-white’ in their relationship with each other…” Last, white supremacists/ racists are “people who classify themselves as ‘white’, and who generally function as ‘white’, and who practice racial subjugation (based on ‘white’-‘non-white’, at any time, in any place, in any one, or more of the nine major areas of activity.”

On page 44 the author lists Four Basic “Show-Offisms” By/Among the Victims of Racism being:

1. “Showing-Off” (to each other) the things that ‘white’ people have allowed them to obtain.

2. “Showing-Off” (to each other) the information that ‘white’ people have allowed them to obtain.

3. “Showing-Off” (to each other) their ability to belittle (each other.)

4. “Showing-Off” (to each other) their ability to make sexual impressions on each other.

His explanation is that many non’white’ people spend much time/energy/money “Showing-Off” (to each other).

Review by Katrina Hazzard-Donald
This review is from: The United-Independent Compensatory code/system/concept (Paperback)Most books on “white supremacy” are not written from the persective of the victims. This is the first attempt by anyone to systematically evaluate “White Supremacy” and potentially effective resonses by its victims. This is a well thought out examination of how victims of white supreacy can respond to help end racism. I highly recommend it to all victims of white supremacy as well as non-victims interested in ending the phenomenon.

Review by Coming Forth By Day
This book is the essence of truth for all man/woman, child and human kind. If you dare to be a vehicle of change in helping yourself first to understand/know the truth about racism, white supremacy, what it is and how it works in the the 9 major areas of everyday people activity you will bring about the balance in all humanity because you will have a true understanding and therefore able to help the creation. So do study, not just read the book and you will be amazed at the spectacular jewel/asset you become to the world. This will be the greatest experience in reading and studying that you will ever have.Get copies of the The United/Independent Compensatory Code System Concept and/or the complimentary Word Guide at this address:
….Do not buy his book on Amazon….Do not buy his book on Amazon…He receives no proceeds from Amazon. Buy directly from him at

Tragic Arrangement:
Tacky, Trashy, Terroristic

“Well, the interaction between black people and white people, in a system of white supremacy only comes under three categories, as what I call in the word guide, that I put out, the text book for victims of racism in the word guide section; It comes under the Tragic Arrangement. All of the arrangements between black people and non-white people on this planet in all areas of activity, 24 hours a day, comes under the banner, you might say, a Tragic Arrangement. And that breaks down into three categories: tacky, trashy and terroristic. And It does not get any better than tacky. The very best arrangements; a bunch of black people and white people sitting around a conference table and what not. The whole atmosphere, the nature of the talk, the way that people interact with each other, the hypocrisy that goes on, the nervousness that goes on. That’s tacky. It’s all tacky. It does not get any better than tacky. It can’t get any better than tacky. And if they try to improve on the tackiness, then it starts getting trashy. Like the outline that you just presented…(the interviewer is referring to the Clitoridectomy Cake ceremony; cutting off the black women’s vagina and eating it) symbolism and what not. And they gonna cut a cake or something like that, in a sort of a part type atmosphere. Ok so then it gets trashy. That what that kind a…that’s the only thing I can make out of it, from your description of it. I’m not familiar with the scene. But I think that would come under that banner. It went from tacky to trashy if it every was at the first stage, in the first place, which would be tacky. Then it just goes to trashy. And then the third stage is something that’s terroristic. Just what you just outlined…the cutting of the gentiles, and all like that, could be considered symbolism of terrorism or something like that. It doesn’t get much better than those three things. It does not get out of that frame of reference; tacky trashy terroristic. One two three. Take your choice. You not going to get anything other than that. You’re not going to get what we call a quality relationship. Ever! Under the system of racism. You can only get that quality relationship if you eliminate racism, meaning white supremacy and replace it with a better system. And logically speaking that better system would be a system of justice. Which means guaranteeing that no person is mistreated and guaranteeing that the person who needs help the most gets the most, gets the most constructive help in all the areas of activity; economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war. But you’re going to have this. What you have now. What you just outlined. As long as you have the system of racism being the dominant culture among the people of this planet.

It does not get any better than Tacky

Neely Fuller Jr It does not get any better than Trashy

We are in a system of racism. And if we understand that we won’t be perturbed by anything. I mean. We won’t be surprised by anything. Or we shouldn’t be. No surprises. Once you accept that we are in one system of government worldwide it’s called the system of White Supremacy. If you believe that. If you accept that and then you begin to codify your behavior in such a way that you would help to, help yourself first of all, and to assist others, and evolving another system that would be better than that. Presumably that would be a system of justice. That means guaranteeing that no person is mistreated. And guaranteeing that the person that needs help the most gets the most constructive help. Why because the system of white supremacy degenerates people of color. That’s what it is designed to do. And have them always always in the in the modern days…uh the crafted it very well in such that the behavior of many people of color, most, will come under one of the categories. Tacky; at very best. It doesn’t get any better than tacky. Just tacky, tacky, tacky. It’s any interaction you see between people of color is tacky at very best. In their interaction with black people with white people; Tacky, tacky, all day long. It’s tacky at very best. It does not get any better than tacky. Ever. Ever. Under any circumstance in any area of activity. Economics, education, entertainment; tacky, tacky, tacky. Labor, Law, politics; tacky, tacky, tacky. Uh, religion, sex, war; tacky at very best. At very best. When I say War, I mean any kind of hostile action. Back and forth. If it modifies in any way it will be tacky. Then the second is trashy. If you try to improve on tackiness, if you notice. If you pay strict attention, anytime there is interaction between black people with each other or with black people with white people, if you try to improve on the tackiness, it gets trashy. Everybody starts laughing, first of all. Phony laugh. It’s all phony. And trying to act like everything is ok when it’s not. And that becomes trashy and then that spills over if they try to improve on that within the tacky of the trashy category, if they try to improve on the trashiness it just becomes more trashy. And the behavior, sexual and otherwise becomes just trashier and trashier and trashier. That’s black people with each other. Or black people with white people, particularly. And if you try to improve on the trashiness, then it will spill over into something terroristic. The three T’s. I call it. And it’s in the textbook for victims of racism. Tacky, Trashy, Terroristic. And it does not get any better than tacky. I don’t care what scenario it is. I don’t care how you saw it out. I don’t care what your intentions are. And why is this? It’s because the system of white supremacy is set up for not to be anything outside of these three categories. Tacky Trashy Terroristic. And it’s gonna be a continuation of that. In one form or another. Regardless of what is going on in a political field or anything like that. That’s all surface anyway.– Neely Fuller – Neely & FrancesCompensatory Code System
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