Movies Decoded [Part 15] (8) Monster


(8) Monster – The black woman is generally depicted as a “monster”. Her characteristics of a highly sexuallized nature (uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants and manipulate outcomes) an imposing character; make the connection to catwoman in the black suit or with black hair; also note the movie The Purge, Election Year ( the DVD can be found at the bottom of the Gantz:o page)

Trying to stop the Goddess Ishtar deity energy from rising up and confusing the nature of that energy. The intention is to vilify it and suppress her kundalini manifestation. This is also done with the black male character actors as well. We have to remember that sexual kundalini energy is bad and it must be shunned, suppressed and/or punished. What better way to get the point across then to infuse his or her character with monster like characteristics. As just mentioned this same tactic is often done with black male actors. Juxtapositionally it holds one of the greatest symbols of fascination steering us to view a black woman, orange haired woman or symbolic woman of the ancient bloodline as a harlot, monster or outcast (someone who should be shunned). Check out Salem TV Series – Black Witch Tituba aka Salem witch trials. This maybe should have been mentioned earlier but it still has a connection to Tituba and other actors; The concept is a subtle yet forcefully push to “Make America British Again.” Note the British hand of power in the movie industry. Paying British actors to act as Americans. Ashley Madekw is a British black actress with a British accent but in this film or TV series carries an American accent.

The “monster” is also depicted as a cyborg (half man half robot. This cyborg link takes one to the depiction of a black man) and juxtapositionally Frankenstein (a man once dead created out of various body parts put back together and electronically raised from the dead. This would be connected to the yaukoo story or the creation of the white man. However the character film used to symbolically represent the monstrous or beastly black male – then God’s male and female who are or once were sleep/dead and made up of many forms, types or pieces of DNA. See the American Gods TV series on starz), Wonder Woman (made/formed/fashioned out of clay brought to life by thunder bolts of Zeus), Superman (an alien trying to live and operate as a human) and many other mythological symbols and characters. Regarding cyborg, there is a light on his forehead (3rd eye, pineal gland which is a portal to other dimensions, he is considered one the smartest Avengers, contrary to the movies you will need to watch the cartoon animation films or series with cyborg in it to understand that he often comes up with the best ideas or is one of the key components in the plan to defeat the films antagonist(s)), a light in his chest area also considered the heart chakra (symbolic feeling center), a light near or above his loins or root chakra.) Where is the soul located in the body? The soul comes in to the body through the pineal gland. The spirit of man and/or man-kind comes in to the body through each spark of light at the center of each cell in the body. The little Sun’s within the body; the body being the HUGE avatar (1 & 2) juxtaposed to the tiny speck of light consciousness one inhabits the body through; animating the body with the personality and idiosyncrasies. Bobby Hemmitt talks more about this.

It is hard to describe and phrase properly but “Consider the Opposites” is a key concept. Maybe it is easier to understand the concept in the form of lies. As Bobby Hemmitt would say “the enemy doesn’t just lie some of the time; The enemy lies all the time” in the form of opposites. As mentioned before try considering some of the antagonist attributes as good instead of what the movie is trying to portray as bad. Often movies will project fear based emotional references to steer the viewer to be afraid of a particular subject. For instance the Freddie Krueger premise is to don’t go into a deep sleep or he will come after you and terrorize you in your dreams…must do whatever it takes to stay awake. This fear based theme is also repeated in movie “The Invasion“. Note the pineal gland is generally most active in deep sleep thus the greater potential for astral travel and crossing into other dimensions

Please watch the movie Gantz:o. Below is an excerpt from the page.