Movies Decoded [Part 1 of 20] Contextual List


Interpreting Films guide aka How to Interpret Movies Guide will begin shortly after this brief disclosure– Amazing Thought blog references Movies!!!, TV Shows, Commercials, Books, Video and Audio lectures for information relating to general social structures, people interactions, history, contemporary hot topics, religious commentary and Metaphysical Theory. Jump to Part 2 – Movies Decoded 2 — To view this page in text only click here. The list below or to the side has provided a contextual jump start basis which helps with interpreting Movies and other media. Many more names can be added to this list…However there is no endorsement of any person listed on this site whom may share their own opinions. The list begins the basic context for the information presented in this blog:

People interactions and General Social Structures
Neely Fuller Jr & Frances (The identity of Suppression)
Neely Fuller Jr Talktainment Radio
Neely Fuller Jr (9 Areas of Activity)
Isis Papers (Society, subtle Symbols)
Dr. Llaila Afrika (Man-kind Described)
Eckhart Tolle (People pain-bodies)
Paul Mooney (People Observation in Society)
Jawanza Kunjufu (Conspiracy to Destroy)
Carol Anderson (White Rage)

People interactions and economics
Dr Claud Anderson (POWERNOMICS)
Rev. Ike Legacy Ministry (Wealth Abundance)
Dr. Umar Johnson (Empowerment)
Phil Valentine (Empowerment Community)
Cornel West (Philosopher)
Basil Davidson (Africa Magnificent Cake)

Science Theory
Dan Winter (ET Galactic History)
Dan Winter’s (Fractality, Goldenmean)
Henrietta Lacks (Immortal Cells Medical Industry)
Karl Pribram (Holographic Universe)
Lloyd Strayhorn (Numerology)
Michael Palmer (Medical Dramas)
Christopher Carolan(Financial Market Cycles)
Carl Munck (The Pyramid Code)
Young Pharaoh (Melanin Science)
Long Island medium (After Death communications)
Dr Tim Morrow (Heal Thyself)
Steven Greer (Broad science)

Metaphysics, Historical & Religious Commentary
Eckhart Tolle (Consciousness, Presence)
Dion Fortune (Automaton)
John Henrik Clarke (Historian)
Mark Passio (Occult Symbols Interpreted)
Bobby Hemmitt (Video & Book list)
Dr Alim Bey (Ritual purpose)
Juanita Bynum (Gospel)
Eugene Adams (Prophecy foretold)
Henry Baker (Black Inventors List)
Ivan Van Sertima (Ancient History)
Marcus Rediker (Slave Ship Experience)
Naazir Ra (Hidden Power University)
Na’im Akbar (Negro Psychosis)
Phil Valentine (Metaphysics)
Robert Anton Wilson (Final Secret Illuminati)
Basil Davidson (Africa Magnificent Cake)
Earl W. Carter (No Apology Necessary)
Dr Cindy Trimm (Kingdom Living)
Pastor Alph LUKAU (Outstanding Prophecies)
Prophet Edd Branson (Outstanding Prophecies)

Kundalini energy
Young Pharaoh (Kundalini Explained)
Citi Hampton (Kundalini Explained)
Alexyss K Tylor (Vagina Power, Penis Power)
Bobby Hemmitt (The Serpent People)
Dr Alim Bey (chakra, Flow, Energy)
Juanita Bynum (Gospel)
Arthur E. Powell (The Astral Body)
Aleister Crowley (Illuminati Ideas Rituals)
C Freeman El (I Self Law Master)

How to Interpret Movies – Guide to Movies Decoded

Movies, TV Shows, Commercials and Books that reach the masses of people on the planet tend to carry continuous ongoing themes and symbols at ad nauseam repetition. Most people are confused by their story’s, choice of characters, plot lines and for the most part just see them as great sources of entertainment. The 2017 film Alien Covenant was highly entertaining. At the end of the credits the following was show: “The making and authorized distribution of this film supported over 15,000 jobs and involved hundreds of thousands of work hours.” Why are these forms of media so imperatively important that Millions of dollars are spent every year to produce them? Are movies a ken to Egyptian papyri (singular spelling: papyrus) of our modern times?

Let’s begin by considering movies as a symbolic picture of reality. Before interpreting movies one will need a broader context of understanding. The concept and word “Why” is the start of the process. It is important to ask “Why” to each thing that is perceived in being ones’ current reality, until it takes you further back in history, deeper in space and time to where you never realized how far you have gone. “Why” is a key. Why is this? Why is that? “Why” helps one to step out of conditioning, in order to start recognizing conditions. You don’t just stop at the contemporary past. You go further, wider and deeper. Why do we have these general social structures portrayed in movies and TV shows? Why do we see people interacting with each other the way they do? Why does the world operate as it does through economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex, war and religion? Why do we have religion? Can one find more answers in religion? Why is there racism, discrimination, sexism and so on? Why do movies often portray one thing but the opposite exists in reality?

Somewhere within the list of names and subjects towards the top or side of this page the preceding information was gathered. Many “Why” questions were answered. Please Stop Now? Warning ahead. Strap on your seat belts. The proceeding information is going to get outrageous. Can you handle it? Ready? Set. Go! Unique beings (a ken to the symbolically represented entities portrayed in the 1988 Sci-Fi Movie “They Live” in link scroll down past the middle of the page) are in control of every major structure on the planet also known as the 9 areas of activity by Neely Fuller Jr (also see Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (Neely’s counterpart) for a critical discussion on genetic survival and Mark Passio for Occult Symbols Interpreted) and Cullen Smith to see how some occult symbols are related to body parts. These entities are found in every cultures, ethnicity and skin color around the world in various tiers of power and control. Furthermore, these unique beings carry within them an innate pathology (rooted in oneness disconnection as explained by Young Pharaoh) that governs their leadership, use of media channels, storylines and plot lines. The pathology projected through various forms of media are confusing to many and the viewer tends to find little connection to them. Below you can see some keys to make sense of the madness and begin to see yourself in the Movies, TV shows, Commercials, advertisements, books and recognize the subtle messages they share on a continual basis.