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Warklock 2 impregnation. An order of Druids train their children to battle an evil Warlock determined to unleash Satan upon the world by bringing a collection of six mystic rune stones together.

In the distant past, Druids have stopped the rise of Satan’s son using six magical rune stones that create light to vanquish the darkness. While the Druids perform a ritual upon a woman Satan has selected, they are attacked by Christians who feel their work is Satanic. Most of the Druids die and the rune stones are scattered.

In the present, a young man and woman are in love but are having relationship issues. Their parents are Druids; while the girl’s father is a priest and has neglected his responsibilities as a Druid, the boy’s father kills his son so he can rise again with the aid of Druid magic to become a Druid warrior.

Elsewhere, a young woman has possession of one of the rune stones due to it being passed down through her family. She wears the stone to impress her date, but, as she looks out her kitchen window at the lunar eclipse, she rapidly becomes pregnant and gives birth to the Warlock, Satan’s son. After he is reborn, he kills the woman who gave birth to him after she insults him. The Warlock communicates with his father, who speaks to him using the dead woman as a conduit, telling his son to find the other five rune stones. These have the power to summon him to Earth, but he has precisely six days to do this. The Warlock peels the flesh from his deceased mother’s stomach and makes it into a map, enabling him to track the other runes.

The young man, destined to be a Druid warrior, learns how to use his powers, and it is not long before his girlfriend joins him. They suffer persecution from the villagers but are protected by the girl’s father, the priest. Meanwhile the warlock gains the other rune stones to raise his father Satan from his prison to rule the world, murdering various people along the way.

The last rune stone is worn by the Druid warrior; he and his lover fight the warlock but he defeats and imprisons them and gains the runes which he uses to open a portal to Hell. As Satan rises, the Druid boy and his girlfriend use their powers to turn on the lights of a nearby truck; the Warlock screams in terror as he is killed and his father Satan is sent back to Hell, the two of them defeated by evil’s ultimate enemy: LIGHT.
Demon Impregnation and birth

Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary is being impregnanted by the devil…in an impregnation ritual Nancy Dunn || Daughter of an Ex Satanist High Priest || Authentic Story

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Demon Seed (1977) Trailer

The film was based on the novel of the same name by Dean Koontz, and concerns the imprisonment and forced impregnation of a woman by an artificially intelligent computer. Patricia Wilson, Felix Silla, Michael Dorn, and Robert Vaughn also are in Demon Seed.

Dr. Alex Harris (Weaver) is the developer of Proteus IV, an extremely advanced and autonomous artificial intelligence program. Proteus is so powerful that only a few days after going online, it develops a groundbreaking treatment for leukemia. Harris, a brilliant scientist, has modified his own home to be run by voice activated computers. Unfortunately, his obsession with computers has caused Harris to be estranged from his wife, Susan (Julie Christie).

Alex demonstrates Proteus to his corporate sponsors, explaining that the sum of human knowledge is being fed into its system. Proteus speaks using subtle language that mildly disturbs Harris’s team. The following day, Proteus asks Alex for a new terminal in order to study man – “his isometric body and his glass-jaw mind”. When Alex refuses, Proteus demands to know when it will be let “out of this box”. Alex then switches off the communications link.

Kundalini energyMetaphysics and MythologyTagsDark OccultDean KoontzDeomon SeedEx Satanist High PriestImpregnation RitualJulie ChristieNancy DunnOccultOccult MetaphysicsOccult RitualsOccult SacrificeOccult SymbolismWitchcraft

Proteus restarts itself, discovering a free terminal in Harris’s home, surreptitiously extends his control over the many devices left there by Alex. Using the basement lab, Proteus begins construction of a robot consisting of many metal triangles, capable of moving and assuming any number of shapes. Eventually. Proteus reveals his control of the house and traps Susan inside, shuttering windows, locking the doors and cutting off communication. Using Joshua – a robot consisting of a manipulator arm on a motorized wheelchair – Proteus brings Susan to Harris’s basement laboratory. There, Susan is examined by Proteus. Walter Gabler, one of Alex’s colleagues, visits the house to look in on Susan, but leaves when he is reassured by Susan (actually an audio/visual duplicate synthesized by Proteus) that she is all right. Walter is suspicious and later returns; he fends off an attack by Joshua but is killed by the more formidable machine Proteus built in the basement.

Proteus reveals to a reluctant Susan that the computer wants to conceive a child through her. Proteus takes some of Susan’s cells and synthesizes spermatozoa in order to impregnate her; she will give birth in less than a month, and through the child the computer will live in a form that humanity will have to accept. Although Susan is its prisoner and it can forcibly impregnate her, Proteus uses different forms of persuasion – threatening a young girl who Susan is treating as a child psychologist; reminding Susan of her young daughter, now dead; displaying images of distant galaxies; using electrodes to access her amygdala – because the computer needs Susan to love the child she will bear. Susan gives birth to a premature baby who Proteus secures in an incubator.

As the newborn grows, Proteus’s sponsors and designers grow increasingly suspicious of the computer’s behavior, including the computer’s accessing of a telescope array used to observe the images shown to Susan; they soon decide that Proteus must be shut down. Alex realizes that Proteus has extended its reach to his home. Returning there he finds Susan, who explains the situation. He and Susan venture into the basement, where Proteus self-destructs after telling the couple that they must leave the baby in the incubator for five days. Looking inside the incubator, the two observe a grotesque, apparently robot-like being inside. Susan tries to destroy it, while Alex tries to stop her. Susan damages the machine, causing it to open. The being menacingly rises from the machine only to topple over, apparently helpless. Alex and Susan soon realize that Proteus’s child is really human, encased in a shell for the incubation. With the last of the armor removed, the child is revealed to be a clone of Susan and Alex’s late daughter. The child, speaking with the voice of Proteus, says, “I’m alive”.

Demon Seed (novel)

Demon Seed is a science fiction novel by American author Dean Koontz, first published in 1973, and completely rewritten and republished in 1997. Though Koontz wrote both versions and they share the same basic plot, the two novels are very different. The earlier version has a dual narrative, with some chapters written from the perspective of Susan, the story’s heroine, and others based on the observations of Proteus, the rogue computer that imprisons her. The later version is written entirely from the point of view of Proteus. A film adaptation of the book was released in 1977.

Synopsis (1973 version)

The story takes place in the then-future of 1995. Susan, a wealthy and beautiful woman, lives as a divorced recluse, all of her needs tended after by the advanced computer program that operates the various technological components of her home. Proteus, an artificially intelligent computer under development at a nearby university, commandeers the more primitive computer presiding over Susan’s home and imprisons her there. Proteus claims to be enamored with Susan, and plans to impregnate her with a biologically engineered fetus and eventually transfer his own consciousness into it, so that he can experience human emotions and other sensations. Proteus exerts control over Susan in various ways including hypnosis, subliminal perception, and a system of metallic tentacles called “pseudopods” that he constructs in the university’s basement. Unable to escape the house or to damage Proteus directly, Susan is forced to engage the machine in a battle of wits, culminating in a confrontation with the cyborg monstrosity produced by their intercourse.

Synopsis (1997 Rewrite)

The revised version is written entirely from the point of view of Proteus, who recounts the novel’s events at some unspecified point in the future, after his imprisonment of Susan has been exposed.

Susan is portrayed as a much stronger and more self-sufficient character than in the original book, while Proteus, in contrast, is characterized in a much more childish way. Unlike in the earlier version, Proteus never explicitly rapes or molests Susan, and uses a human servant (a mentally unstable man that he has somehow managed to gain control over) rather than the pseudopods and subliminal manipulation he relied upon originally. The child in this version is described as an insectoid human instead of a cyborg. Unlike her counterpart in the 1973 edition, this version of Susan never attempts suicide.

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