How to Interpret Movies – Interpreting Films [Part 3] Black Panther


A brief insertion of a general overview perspective of The Black Panther. The elites are making a big public distinction between the American black person and the African black person. In other words one form of black is in and the other form is out. The African Black is lifted up to hero status and the American Black is denigrated or lowered yet again, to the status of the perpetual villain; violent, destructive, never to be trusted. We see this motif displayed in perpetuity all across, not only American films but around the world, portraying American Black people or indigenous black people in a negative light.

Also note that we see a huge irony in the all black American main cast members acting or pretending to be African. As they are acting or pretending they are in a way placed in the realm of “Heroes” but their actual national orientation suggest otherwise. Unconscious programming; pretend to be something your not (which in this case is a black African from the African continent and you’ll be rewarded with the appearance of acceptance by the elites).

On a metaphysical level all other races excluding American blacks, are placed in the same category of non-white. One can find more information on this topic by continuing to read below. But before going there why is it important to mention it? The elites are banding all the cultures together as heroes to protect the greater establishment. In this case announcing with elite clarification for the world to augment their sentiments to accept the African races into the honorable membership of being non black American. With membership they inherit the privilege of uniting with their equal counterparts in the war or persecution of the American black person.

Furthermore metaphysically there is still a deep seeded fear of a black person no matter if they come in the form of an American black person or an African black person on the basis of color and DNA encoding. They can’t escape the fear entirely; just mask it so it is not as apparent.

To American black people; if you did not know you were considered a villain to the world you should very well know, loud and clear, you are one by the end of the film. The film was highly emotionally disturbing in its continuous barrage of derogatory imagery portraying the American black person and the African black person in a negative light.