How to Interpret Movies – Interpreting Films [Part 20] The End


biopic a film dramatizing the life of a famous person and  is nothing more than a tainting of the image of the symbolic Gods. It is an attempt to stop the influence of the “Great” Legacy throughout time and space. Instead of carrying a positive legacy from generation to generation among the masses of people on the planet the intent is to construct a negative view or perspective of the individual or group that is wrought with scandalous insights magnified with naughty embellishments. It is to relegate the individual from the status of “Greatness” down to any one of these following terms awful, common, conventional, unworthy, detestable, expected, flawed, imperfect, accidental, inconsiderable, OK, plain, rotten, unamazing, unpleasant, usual, mediocre, bad, contemptible, inconspicuous, inferior, lowly, ordinary, unimpressive, unremarkable, auxiliary, extra, inessential, minor, nonessential, secondary, subordinate, unnecessary, insignificant, limited, little, low, mild, miniature, minute, moderate, small, soft, teeny tiny, unimportant, weak, thin, few, ignorant, infamous, menial, poor, powerless, short, stupid, uncelebrated, undignified, unknown, unskilled and many other negative terms or phrase. The image of Greatness is astonishing but it is a threat to the elites, and must be neutralized at all costs. Greatness inspires others to be greatness. Greatness implies strength, resourcefulness, talented, someone who is bold or fearless in the face of opposition, ability to stand alone from the crowd mentality and think for themselves, created something new to the world. Greatness is relegated only to the elites.

List of Interpreted Movies films and other media
– The Importance of Milk
– movie Gantz:o
– The Invasion – Sweat is a healing agent
– Salem TV Series – Tituba
– Marvel’s Iron Fist
– Melanin Reference – Transformium – Transformers Age of Extinction Movie 2014
– The Great Wall (2017) Movie
– The Pathology of an Automaton
– People idiosyncrasies in movies and real life

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– Fun Movies – Kundalini – Melanin – Melanin and Myth – Movies
– The Invasion – Adolabrath – Adolabroth – Adolebroth – Maafa21
– Bobby Hemmitt – Neely Fuller Jr – Neely & Frances  – Dr Claud Anderson
– Eckhart Tolle – Dion Fortune – Mark Passio – Citi Hampton
– Alexyss K Tylor – Dr Alim Bey – Dan Winter – Dan Winters
– Yahweh – Yahweh Yaldabaoth – Yahweh-Yaldabaoth
– Yaldabaoth – Melatonin – Melatonin Miracle
– No Apology Necessary

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