How to Interpret Movies – Interpreting Films [Part 10]


The Thor Ragnarok 2017 Movie the female Villain Hela Is Goddess of Death in Marvel, symbolic of the female energy counterpart of the Baphomet) hela is code word for blood. The term Hela derived from an actual African-American black woman named Henrietta Lacks whose cancer cells are the source of the HeLa cell line, the first immortalized cell line and one of the most important cell lines in medical research. For more info check out DNA Transformation – Bobby Hemmitt – Henrietta Lacks. There are multiple post in this site that include Henrietta Lacks.

For more videos on Symbols of Power go to Lifting The Veil / Cullen Smith

Before the original Gods went to “sleep” and reincarnated losing memory of the past and semblance of cultural identities they created/orchestrated cultures to house and retain ancient information and knowledge of the past and prophecies foretelling the future. The Gods are scattered and hidden within cultural fragments around the world within the form of races we see today. The darkest skinned people among each cultural are hit hardest with the greatest attack, whom symbolically represent the greatest symbol of ancient representation. Yes, this is based on skin color. The bloodline most connected to the most ancient of people on the planet within each culture are that of a dark skinned bloodline. This is not referring to African people specifically on the African continent in particular whom from a contemporary perspective are consider the same as the new age races and cultures. The terms “Black” or “African American” are the newest age classifications whom are most connected to middle passage drama and possess the greatest DNA connection to all races and the ancient bloodline. Each mythology from every culture, language, race and country attacks this bloodline. Hence, attack on the Titan’s; suppression tactics are similar around the world; for instance, racism in China explained by Dr Umar Johnson. Neely fuller Jr describes the general tragic arrangement as Tacky, Trashy and Terroristic which is a matrix system designed to degenerate people of color and also it is set up not to be anything outside of the pre-listed three categories of people interaction (click link and scroll down to the Tacky Trashy Terroristic subject). It is the flushing out, purging out, rooting out of this bloodline in ad nauseum repetition around the world throughout mythology, movies and various media channels. Why did the Gods create this process? Maybe to intention a new being through generational alchemy (Dan Winterand Bobby Hemmitt speak of this concept) or a new form of the God essence in the universe. Bobby Hemmitt speaks ‘Explains the DarkSide Energy’ “We have to go all the way back to the beginning of this prior to the earth aspect because this did not just start this the world that we know. This started in the heavens. It started in the origin. It started in the primordial abyss of the womb where you would actually have a renegade or a tyrant that would be a tyrant of a universal primordial family breaking away and trying to create a universe of its own outside of the original source. Botches the job that nevertheless creates a simulation of the original source which can only be acted out as a series of illusions to support this debauchery and the ultimate deterioration of misfortune is that the very essence of light particles or souls that is in the primordial world of the original source would eventually get trapped in this cosmic abortion that was set up by this tyrant and would have to be a part of this tyrannical creation for years to eventually clean this shit up, that would make the original source greater than the original source was that would have a flaw in it to even create a tyrant that would break away from the original source. And it would never fall again. So, in so many words we are only talking about creation sifting out flaws of its own essence, to make a great and perfected product. In other words, in the beginning there was no perfection. That’s why they call it Chaos. That was the scientific element. The other element is you have the great mother. She had a son (Adolabroth), an abortion who did not stay in long enough to form to maturity that jumps ship. Comes out and creates its own childlike world. Like a child would do. A child’s world is going to be different than an adults’ world. The adults’ world is going to be more fortified and more to the essence. And the essence. But the child’s world is going to be a play play world or an illusionary world. Well whatever this particular person, but will later on be called God by the very parents that it would later on trap in this world. It’s like a cancer in the original body, a cancer though benign in the beginning, malignant in the end. And then set up a series of creations, within the context of creation, and in the context of a man and woman a life that was started in this counterfeit creation would set up a series of events and struggles to get back to the original source. The rest is history.” Bobby Hemmitt later on speaks “It is the flaw of the chaos that makes this illusionary universe. It is the spark. It is the sparks of intelligence, or what we call the shards of the chaos that will bring light and diffuse the flaw. Basically, it’s the flaw. And this creation that we find ourselves trapped in is nothing but a cosmic turning of diffusing the flaw. Or the flaw burning itself out. The flaw disintegrating. It’s almost like a science experiment to test it out. To find out what the problem really is, to get rid of the problem. Or it’s like a cleaning crew coming in to a vial and filthy situation gone bad and start to clean up. But the source and the origin of the vial and filthy creation is in a struggle. And every time they wipe up something the source dirties it back up. It’s this cosmic struggle. Meanwhile the source, because it goes there first. Not being the first in creation but the first to come in this environment and create the problem. But by it being the first there the time is running out on it because the ones behind them are little behind to clean it up, but they got a little more energy because they did not spend that energy by getting there first. So it’s a catch up thing that has to happen. But ultimately, we catch up.” Also consider ancient prophecies or mythology such as in Let the Stone tell the taleNote the architects or Gods intention-ed the innate pathology that exists within every culture to be in opposition to the symbolic ancient ones. It is inescapable from their DNA, physical composition, vibrational receptivity, thought processes and or pathology. Cultural sensitivity can be systematically masked to seem undetectable via training but beware it is deeply ingrained in the essence of the beings DNA. Governed by an entities make up, there is no escaping the inner workings. This inner operation spans all ethnic color lines and is rooted in oneness disconnection as explained by Young Pharaoh. Thus peeling back the surface, “against the ancient ones” and “projected superiority” over the ancient ones based on the color lines is unfortunately ever present. Yet on the flip side it is fortunate for the “sleep Gods”…Toast to evolution and suffering. Tangentially, on their quest for true connectedness with this earthly/natural plain, unfortunately will never be fully realized. Also, the quest for true cultural reciprocated understanding will always be the wantingness for the carrot dangled at the end of a stick; never achieving fulfillment. It keeps life propelling forward creating new imaginings of the present and future. Subtle forms of people interaction are shown in films at ad nauseum repetition. Note the films symbolically represent real life people interactions with exquisite detail. They never waver from “against…” or “projected superiority” based on color in their portrayed behavior. Look for them. Look for the pattern. It is always there. Regardless of the constant barrage of derogatory symbolism representing the ancient race (with black people from America representing the greatest symbol) in movies they are Highly entertaining and packed with a lot of information about that bloodlines character and modes of operation with acute details of past and present day chaos and implosion behaviors of the “sleep Gods” as they putrefy beyond recognition, cohesiveness, sense of self, culture and identity.