How to Interpret Movies – Interpreting Films – Dark Occult in plain sight Part 9 (5) Pineal Gland


(5) Pineal Gland – Is referred to in movies and other media as magic wand (Harry Potter wands

and Will Smith 2017 movie “Bright”, staff (staff of Tahuti, Caduces), sword (Optimus Primes’ sword flares up like a flame or gun and Vultrons sword in the shape of a flame, as well as Star wars Jedi lightsaber different colors are different forms of Pineal Gland activation and how it manifest certain energies in the world) Tangent thought (“Hot like fire, Im gonna take you higher, you can’t resist, kiss, kiss, kiss….” [making the connection to spark the flame of pineal activation]…Aaliyah’s Hot Like Fire song. “Come on babe light my fire” Lauryn Hill’s Superstar Song. Also consider Celion Dion’s song “Back to life” a song written by Cia, an alternative perspective, it sounds like it’s about the third eye or pineal gland awakening – The last key factor to consider in fulfilling prophecy is exercising the pineal gland and stimulating greater mental and physical functions is the intention of the elite as well as to do this in a race against time before the Gods wake up, while simultaneously trying to keep them asleep, whomever and wherever they might be in various economic forms and locations on the planet, hampering their pineal activity through poisons and various forms of moral dogma restrictions. The God like energy would be that portrayed as the most powerful or terrifying supervillains.

However, because many of the glands are calcified and no matter what type of stimulation an individual encounters, it will not cause the pineal gland to awaken. However, technology (which is outside the body) is a tool that mimics pineal activation. The pineal gland is a biological tool, connected to all the sensory perceptions of the body, possessing the ability to be connected universally and to cross into other dimensions. For a peek into dimensional travel check out Pastor Alph LukauProphet Edd BransonLong Island MediumMeet Matt FrazerTyler Henry and John Edwards.  

Technology is used in order to mimic pineal gland activation. DC cartoon or show that has Vandal Savage in it many times he is a very light skinned black person, with Moorish clothing and a black man as his voice. His name holds derogatory meanings. The word vandal define means a person who deliberately destroys or damages public or private property. The word savage defined as an adjective means (of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled. And as a noun, (chiefly in historical or literary contexts) a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized. Pay close attention to the names given to black actors. Chances are they tend to carry some sort of negative meaning. Thus the positive image of people is diminished.

To help spirits cross dimension in order to operate and control dimensional time travel, rewrite history or change destiny as depicted in The Legends of Tomorrow 2017 TV Series. Regardless of how Vandal Savage appears in the TV series he represents a Moore or rather a symbolic black man (whom possess within his DNA or semen the ability to annihilate all races from the planet. He is the greatest natural threat. Movies will often choose an actor who is white but begins to have black persons features but yet is still not black to play the role of a black person whom symbolically stems from the ancient bloodline. He is the symbolic sabbatic goat or the Satan or Abbadon from the Hebrew faith. The Sufis – Idries Shah page 245 and 255 – Baphomet equals Black male and/or Black Female. Satan, Demon explained in Bobby Hemmitt Outer Gate Invasion 5/8The Origin of Satan, Devil. More Bobby Hemmitt info and  DVDs can be found at One can also search Bobby Hemmit on this site  to learn more.