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Spiritual advise and Debt cancellation by Prophet Edd Branson

Long Island MediumMeet Matt FrazerTyler Henry and John Edwards.  Youtube them. However shockingly powerful their gifts are they still operate their gift with restrictions in the form of moral and cultural dogmas.

People Line Up For Prophecies with Prophet Edd Branson.

Angelic Network-Prophet Edd Branson practically demonstrates how Angels work

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Conjure up expectation Dr. Cindy Trimm You are a history maker

Radical Sabbatical – Dr. Cindy Trimm Sermon – Transcript for the hearing impaired – She’s the founder of Cindy Trimm Ministries and the Trimm foundation. She’s a Best Selling author, High Impact Teach, a former Senator. She’s listed among Ebony magazine’s power 100 as the top 100 does and influencers in the world today. She’s a frequent quest on Christian’s Broadcastings most popular television and radio programs, like Break Through and like 120 Live. She is a general in the art of strategic prayer and spiritual warfare. I have had the privilege of writing the forward in her latest book. I was greatly honored to do so. She is about to change you and everybody you influence. I could not be happier, more humbled and grateful than to introduce my dear to the pulpit of world harvest church, World Harvest Church Elkheart, live and in person for the very first time my precious friend and God’s General, make her Welcome, Dr. Cindy Trimm.

Atomic Power of Prayer. Spoken Word Power – Dr Cindy Trimm

Atomic Power of Prayer. Spoken Word Power – Dr Cindy Trimm – transcript for the hearing impaired – Father in the name a Jesus. The author and finisher of my faith. I arise to establish my legal right and dominion over this region and over every territory that you have given me jurisdictional Authority. According to Daniel 9 and 4 you are the only great and dreadful God. Keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love. And to them that keep your commandments. I appeal to the God who said in second chronicles seven thirteen to sixteen. If I shut up heaven that there be no rain.