Bobby Hemmitt references this book in many of his lectures. He says it is a must have; COSMIC TRIGGER VOLUME I by Robert Anton Wilson

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The great modern classic of a brilliant rebel’s personal exploration into the nature of consciousness
Featuring a New Introduction by John Higgs
“Cosmic Trigger deals with a process of deliberately induced brain change. This process is called “initiation” or “vision quest” in many traditional societies and can loosely be considered some dangerous variety of self-psychotherapy in modern terminology….”  – Robert Anton Wilson from the Preface

Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything

The Robert Anton Wilson Trust Authorized Hilaritas Press Edition

Volume 2
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While this, the second volume of the Cosmic Trigger trilogy, continues along the path set by the original Cosmic Trigger I: Final Secret of the ILLUMINATI, it also stands solidly on its own. Any reader with an open mind and a sense of humor cannot help but be entertained and enlightened while following Wilson’s explorations into such subjects as the future of cyberspace; the peculiarities of Irish jurisprudence; links among the Mafia, the CIA and the Catholic Church; anal-eroticism in The White House; the Dog Castrator of Palm Springs; and many more observations from his infinitely fertile brain.

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