Conjure up expectation You are a history maker


She’s the founder of Cindy Trimm Ministries and the Trimm foundation. She’s a Best Selling author, High Impact Teach, a former Senator. She’s listed among Ebony magazine’s power 100 as the top 100 does and influencers in the world today. She’s a frequent quest on Christian’s Broadcastings most popular television and radio programs, like Break Through and like 120 Live. She is a general in the art of strategic prayer and spiritual warfare. – Radical Sabbatical – Sermon

I have had the privilege of writing the forward in her latest book. I was greatly honored to do so. She is about to change you and everybody you influence. I could not be happier, more humbled and grateful than to introduce my dear to the pulpit of world harvest church, World Harvest Church Elkheart, live and in person for the very first time my precious friend and God’s General, make her Welcome, Dr. Cindy Trimm.

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Amen. Please join me one more time in celebrating this Great Visionary and History Maker Dr. Paster Rod Parsley and Joni Parsley. Happy anniversary. And to at World Harvest Church as well as Elkheart and the rest of you that are viewing by way of the television or by way of streaming, we welcome you to a moment in time where you are going to mark this day that something good, something supernatural, something miraculous happen to you. Mark this day down on your calendar. You are going to look back at this moment in time as the moment that changed your life. And the moment that tipped you into the realm of dominion and the realm of prosperity and the realm of supernatural faith. You are going to live in a new realm of faith and a new realm of power, a realm of prosperity. Something good is about to happen to you. Nothing about your life is going to remain the same. Everything about you is going to change for the best. Your worst days are behind you. Your best days are ahead of you. The place where you are standing marks the ending of your history and the beginning of your destiny. Would you take one step forward? Welcome to your future. Your future is field with unlimited possibility for you to do something great for your family. For your community. For this nation. And for this world. The person on your left and right. The person behind you and in front of you are blessed to be born in a generation that your living in. Something supernatural is about to happen for person on your left on your right, your front, your back. The anointing of God is not only coming upon you. The anointing of God is flowing out of you. The kingdom of heaven has come. And the Kingdom of heaven is going to manifest itself through your life. You are going to have a supernatural encounter with God himself this morning. If you believe it shout I believe you.

Hug the person on your left and right. Hug the person on your left and right.

And I want to do something today. I know traditionally and historically we receive our tithes and offering before the sermon. But if you would allow me just an hour of your time. And if you would trust God in this particular moment in history, would you promise me to stay till the end of the message. Number one. And then number two, would you promise me that you would not leave until the benediction. Would you just make that promise? I promise I will not keep you all day. I promise. I promise that I will do a drive by shooting sermon. We’ll get in and out. But I feel and I since that there is a realm that God wants us to give in. And when I have this prompting usually something supernatural happens with the seed that we sew and it happens within a specific period of time. I am prophesying over your life that fifty two days from today’s date something supernatural is going to happen to your finances. I am decreeing and declaring financial breakthroughs. Financial breakthroughs in your business. Financial breakthroughs in your industry. Financial breakthroughs on your job. I am decreeing and declaring that this is the poorest you will ever be. This is the smallest your pocket book will ever be. This is the smallest your bank account will ever be. This is a good place to say Amen means so let it eternally be established in the heavens and the earth for me. And if you can’t say Amen can I get a sure your right.

God is up to something great. And in this season we’re going to see one of the greatest wealth transfers that we have ever seen before. The bible says that God blesses the works of our hands. This is very important for you to understand. Recession is not an indication that money is being diminished. Recession is an indication that money is shifting hands. And I cannot see any reason why your hands cannot be the money is shifting into. I’m going to prophesy one more time. I decree and declare that there is going to be a financial and economic shift. And it’s coming your way. I decree that you are scheduled for a head on collision with wealth. I decree that this is the poorest you will ever be. I break the spirit of lack. I decree and declare that those of you who are debt God is going to supernaturally eradicate debt. I decree that when computers are spitting out your name when computers are spitting out your bill, when it comes to spitting out your name you will have a computer that will malfunction. And when it spits out your bill it will say zero zero point zero zero. I decree debt cancelation, debt demolishing. I decree and declare in the days to come the windows of heaven will be open over your life. Your children will never beg for bread. Your grandchildren will never be homeless. This is the last year. This is the last season. This is the last time that you will suffer loss. I reverse halleluiah the attack of the enemy over your finances I decree and declare halleluiah that millionaires are in this place. Billionaires are in this place. The bible said that God is going to halleluiah increase you a thousand times more even as you are. I decree and declare that you will have a thousand times more anointing, falling on your seed, falling on your tithe, falling on your offering today. I decree and declare that you are pressing out of economic and financial circumstance into a better set of circumstance. I wish above all things that you may prosper you may be in health even as your soul prospers. I decree and declare that this is a season of prosperity. I break the spirit of lack. I break the spirit of begging. I break the spirit of poverty. I decree and declare you are coming into a new season. I sever halleluiah the attachment with the old season. Old bills. Old debt. I decree and declare money is coming to your house. Wealth and riches in your house. I decree you are a money magnet. You are a wealth magnet. I decree where ever you go people will favor you. I release supernatural favor. You’ll have favor getting up. Favor going to bed. I decree and declare you’ll have favor in front of you. Favor behind you. Favor underneath you. Favor above you. Favor on your left on your right. I decree and declare a season of favor. If you believe it clap your hands oh ye people. Shout!!! Unto God. Favor. Yes Something is about to happen. We command the heaven to be open. I decree and declare your season of dryness is over. Your season of debt is over. Your season of depression is over. Your season of debt is over. Your season of disease is over. I decree you are coming out. You are coming out of debt you are coming out of disease. You are coming out of depression. I call you out right now. Shout!!! I’m Coming Out!!!!