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Carl Munck – The Code Part 1

The Code – Ancient Advanced Technology and the Global Earth Matrix – Carl Munck’s Complete 4 Part Series

The Code is an ancient matrix system built up of monuments all across the globe. These monuments include megalithic stone works, pyramids, circular works, effigies, and ancient earth mound. Each structure is a point in a remarkable global matrix which explains a global positioning system involving the mathematical precisions of the Earth. In order to “read” this matrix one must first change the current Prime Meridian back to the pyramid fields at Giza. For longitude the ancient builders referenced their original Prime Meridian that ran from pole to pole marked by The Great Pyramid at Giza. Today it can be found at 31 degrees, 08 minutes, and 00.8 seconds to the east of our modern Greenwich Prime Meridian. For latitude, ancient monuments were referenced to the same equator that we use today.

Once we do this, properly, the monuments of the global matrix system become as the individual pages of an encyclopedia, beautifully preserved through numbers and maps. Batteries not included or required. The access key is curiosity.

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The Code by Carl Munck Part 2 of 3

The Code – Archaeocryptography, Ancient Advanced Technology, and The Global Earth Matrix 2017

The Code is an ancient advanced technology on a global scale and points to a method and application to mathematically record advanced knowledge within the architectural design and positioning of what are our most ancient sacred monuments and points to a forgotten Ancient Global Earth Matrix. This presentation documents all of the research of Carl Munck in his own words for future generations. – Starring: Carl Munck Runtime: 4 hours, 57 minutes

The great mysteries of life are quite elusive. We do not have the “hard facts” needed to feel sure that our theories about the mysteries are true. Sometimes we feel sure, but convincing others is not so easy. Alas, they want “facts,” and we cannot produce them. Well, times are changing.

This is the start of a series of articles that will present many “facts” concerning some major mysteries of our world. These “facts” will show evidence that –

The ancient sites around the world are very precisely positioned on a global coordinate system in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza.
The positions of the sites are given in the geometry of their construction.

A very ancient system of numbers was used in the system, which we will call “Gematria.”

“Gematrian” numbers are found in ancient myths and religions, including the Bible.

Gematrian numbers were used in systems of weights and measures by ancient peoples, including the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Babylonians and the Romans.

The ancient Mayans used Gematrian numbers in their very accurate timekeeping.

Carl Munck “The Code” part 3 of 3 – The Matrix Revealed

The Code system uses mathematical constants, such as pi and the radian.

The system also uses conventions that are still in use, such as the 360 degree circle, 60 minute degree, 60 second minute, the base-ten numbering system, the 12-inch foot, and the 5280-foot mile.

The Nazca Line ground markings “locate themselves” on The Code Matrix system.

Crop circle formations suggest the same ancient numbers by way of their positions and measurements.

The very ancient “Monuments on Mars,” including “The Face on Mars,” were positioned in exact locations, just as the ancient sites on Earth.

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