Bobby Hemmitt Suffered a Stroke [part 2]


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Is Bobby Hemmitt dead?

If your wondering what happened to Bobby Hemmitt view his very first interview since his stroke. Yes he suffered a severe stroke. However he did not die. Bobby Hemmitt is alive. He may not be the Bobby Hemmitt you remember as the prolific sociable lecturer. He is no longer that. He is a man in recovery. Below is phone interview with Dr Alim Bey after he recovered with New Profound insight which is “go into self “. Also in part 1 please view the VERY IMPORTANT message from Brother Panic regarding Bobby Hemmitt in part 1 whom from provided Awesome insight about Bobby Hemmitt you need to know if you really care about him and curious about what happening with him now. No need to worry anymore. He is well.

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Bobby Hemmitt is Not Dead
by Brother Panic

Bobby Hemmitt Very First Interview Since His Stroke

Bobby Hemmitt did not die. He did not pass away. He is not dead. There is no death. He is still alive. If you see something that says Bobby Hemmitt dies this is untrue.



The Youtube closed caption on this video has a lot of inaccuracies and this transcript is an attempt to look closer what Bobby Hemmitt is saying of recent. The recording is hard to hear. Most of the transcript is here but there are words and phrases I can not make out or understand. BIG Thanks to Dr. Alim El-Bey for sharing this wonderful interview. It is precious. Bobby drops major knowledge that should be considered with the utmost importance.

Dr. Alim El-Bey – I just finish the documentary…as far a human consciousness for the soul…

Bobby Hemmitt -…every morning…They can break the cycle of reincarnation.

Dr. Alim – Exactly and you’ve been talking about that for years.

Bobby – Ya cuz you know them a you have the Cig Freeman El I believe he broke that shit.

Dr. Alim – Ya I believe that he did. right.

Bobby – Because you know what happens is how you get fucked up like this. You could be a bad ass master, you could die and fuckin be a baby brain. You forget about the past life. You know. The stupid mother fuckers don’t know this shit, and be a God damn nigga and could of been a in the past life time. Y’see what I’m saying. In all. So.

Dr. Alim – You right bro.

Bobby – So you have the break that shit. So one of the, these fuckin spirits and God damn Gods got motherfuckers up in a spell. These motherfuckers have been dooped. They got a game goin on around our ass too.

Bobby – Yeah I heard. He told me he had been in contact with you and all yeah.

Dr. Alim – Oh yeah that’s a serious game

Bobby – Cuz it’s all fucked up. Let me tell you too. What I have found out through my trauma. Angels, you’ve got, them Gods ain’t shit. These motherfuckers got a damn a fuckin demon game on niggas Big time man. Keeping people strapped for life times, you know. And the Gods ain’t shit.

Dr. Alim – Right.

Bobby – And they exist so you worshiping them.

Dr. Alim – That’s true

Boddy – In all like that. And they winning these fuckin God damn awards. They can still and fuckin eat all of the melanin. You know. They call it ka. They call it you know. They eat all that shit that melanin in stuff you know so…in india and break that spell.

Dr. Alim – right

Bobby – Well how the hell, I hadn’t hear from you ass man. I hadn’t seen you. You awhile man.

Dr. Allim – Yah yeah

Bobby – How you been doing?

Dr. Alim – I’ve been good man. I’ve been talking to Panic, almost like every week or so

Dr. Alim – So we was doing our radio shows together and everything so

Bobby – Yeah you know. What made you call?

Dr. Alim – There’s a brother named Ray Smith he called and said you told him that you gave me one of the Angelical stimulus checks so you but you probably told him that…

Bobby – That Angel shit…

Dr. Alim – Yeah

Bobby – is some bullshit man.

Dr. Alim – And right that’s what Linda told us. That’s what she told us.

Bobby – Now I made the lecture African origins of Arch angels and when I had my trauma, I laid that shit to the black community, and when I had my trauma they didn’t even show up. …No God Damn Angel. Or Gods. Their fuckers man. You know like that. And now it’s about your inner self. The only thing I made it out of that God damn house was my own inner soul. My own fuckin inner soul. They didn’t know what the fuck was going on. It was me. My own inner soul. Several people had damn strokes and died from that shit and I walk out of that motherfucker like it wasn’t shit. It wasn’t no Gods it was my own inner self. And when I got out into the spirit world and the spirits sent me back. My life force was too fuckin strong. Cuz my own light beaming and so and its all about our self. And the Zohar that tells you that we worship these Gods in heaven, and the Gods is worshiping us. They worship us on earth. They know the need our power so they can survive here. Oh yah man. It’s something else I’m telling you. eh man. You know like that you know.

Dr. Alim – That’s true. That’s true.

Bobby – It’s amazing man.

Dr. Alim – I know it is

Bobby – And that whole thing man is to break that damn cycle for that fuckin baby brain. They call it elder sign in the necronomicon.

Dr. Alim – I remember you was working on that years ago.

Bobby – Yah that’s what time it is man.

Dr. Alim – Yah we definitely are going to share these now commands with everbody.

Bobby – These now commands exactly. Yah. My new theology is the Gods ain’t shit…where you get the God spell. We did not know what it was about until. Until now we know based on our experiences. These fuckin Gods aint shit man.

Dr. Alim – right

Bobby – They just fucking picture on the wall and statues and stuff yeah.

Dr. Alim – right

Bobby – You know. It’s like that shit you know. It was like that movie uh what was the name of that movie? uh with Charlie Sheen. Baseball movie with the black guy with his face but we’re trying to get a home run…With that God damn God. When he cussed that God out is when he struck a home run.

Dr. Alim – Yeah I remember that

Bobby – Basically it’s science he was giving his energy and power to the Gods that didn’t exist and when he said fuck you he used his own energy and his own power. You know like that you know…I lost the fucking hundred a hundred goddamn pounds cuz I’m using my own energy.

Dr. Alim – Right

Bobby – You know and shit light that. I was calling on Raphael until I said fuck you and then shit you know like you know calling on Raphael and hell. And nobody show up and stuff.

Dr. Alim – You right. you right. I done been there yeah yeah.

Bobby – Yeah

Dr. Alim – You right. It’s our own inner soul that’s going to get us through this.

Dr. Alim’s Lady partner – Bobby we sending you some money you and Linda. We just appreciate ya’ll.

Bobby – What I’m doing man. Thank for that. I thank you. Whats happening. Yeah…What I’ve been doing man you know, Hello!

Dr. Alim – Yeah I’m hear.

Bobby – So I’m doing like uh Bruce Lee break his fucking spine. And became the baddest Kong Fu master in the world because of his own will.

Dr. Alim – That’s true.

Bobby – Because he was so bad hell, sure now I’m doing 150 leg exercises in the damn bed. You know, like that you know like that job be fine before he stroke. So if Bruce Lee can become the baddest master in the world with a broken spine you can do some shit with your own fucking mind.

Dr. Alim – That’s True

Bobby – You know. That kind of shit you know. That’s why I like that Bruce Lee shit man you know what I’m saying. Stuff like that I’m watching I’m watching movies Man of Steel. Uh Green Lantern. All these fuckin Superhero movies. And you know if you say and you put it in your mind so many times that you could fly then you can fly. There’s a book by Henry Cook….

Dr. Alim – What’s the name of the book again?…

Bobby – …Yeah, yeah man

Dr. Alim – What was the name of the book

Bobby – Henry Corbin Alone with the Alone. And he’s in town of Mullins

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And if you put your mind in something, think you can fly you can fly. And that’s why I’m being that to the super hero shit you know. Okay.

Dr. Alim – Exactly. I got you.

So uh I’m going to be dancing, hell man.

Dr. Alim – That’s sounds good to me.

Dr. Alim’s Wife – …be talking about walking through walls and how you know.

Bobby – Yeah yeah all of that. All of that.

Dr. Alim – I’m glad I got the name of that book.

Dr. Alim’s Wife – I wish we could western union you the money right now.

Bobby – Yeah man. So what you doing now? I’m ready to talk you latter, well hell I’m really enjoying hearing from you. You know.

Dr. Alim – Right right I’m glad to talk to you too.

Bobby – …astral shit

Dr. Alim’s Wife – …when it happens tell him you saw him out side of his body and you saw him get back in his body

Dr. Alim – Yeah well my wife is reminding me too, that I did some astral travel too and I saw you near your own body

Bobby – You saw me.

Dr. Alim – Yeah I saw you when you was near your body.

Bobby – Ah man. When was this? How long ago? What it recently?

Dr. Alim – No no no, this was two years ago right after it happened.

Bobby – Oh yeah I was out in space.

Dr. Alim – I know. I told Panic. That’s when I told Panic. I said Nah. Panic didn’t think you was going to pull. I said nah Bobby is gonna pull through. I saw him near his body.

Bobby – Oh hell yeah. I had gone to Linda and I said don’t worry about it I will be back. Yeah um hm

Dr. Alim – Um hm

Bobby – …you right. When I wen to the advance psychic. and he said I’m going to have a full recovery. You know. Hell. Shit. The only reason why you know my organs were strong is because I was eating … I pulled all that mercury dental shit out of my mouth.

Dr. Alim – yeah yah exactly

Bobby – They took advantage of all that mercury stuff. All that inner feelings in all like that you know.

Dr. Alim – right.

Bobby- You know All of that type of stuff you know. yeah man.

Dr. Alim – Yeah I know that was good though. That’s real good. I need to get mines out to.

Bobby – I took advantage of all of that yah. Yah buddy man. I telling you man. But it’s on now man I got a whole new theology now.

Dr. Alim – Yeah

Bobby- And all them old angel packages in all we’re not…

Dr. Alim – …dealing with that. I got you.

Bobby- Yeah Even I have a book that’s coming but I’m making sure I got a preface at the front of the book. This book is mainly my art. My hand drawings. See you…and art. But I don’t want the people to do the rituals to thoughs particular deities.

Dr. Alim – Ok

Bobby – You know and all this kind of stuff. You know.

Dr. Alim – Right right right

Bobby – yeah

Dr. Alim’s Wife – Good Bobby

Bobby – Its been a year you know. I make sure you know whatever the deal here is going under. I don’t want to mislead people with all kind of stuff thats going on. yeah

Dr Alim – I got you.

Bobby – And now what I do I put a preface on all this type of stuff. If you don’t deal with your own energy. You are going down the wrong fucking path. And that’s what I had to do. I had to deal with my own energy to survive the last two damn years.

Dr. Alim – Right right I got you.

Bobby – fuck that Both me and Linda. We did you know. All kind of stuff man. Graduated to that type of stuff. Yeah. You know keeping my kidneys and all that stuff floating and stuff. We had to do everything with mental. everything yeah. Inside.

Dr. Alim – yeah that’s beautiful that’s what it is going to take. That’s exactly what we have been teaching on here for the last few years also. Bobby…if your not looking for the God within then there’s something wrong. And a matter fact you know anyone looking outside of themselves they the anti-christ. If you ain’t look to the God within then you know you on the wrong path like you said.

Melanin People How to eat and Devour their Energy

Dr. Alim’s Wife – Bobby that’s good you got Linda you know. That’s good that you have Linda a good woman you know standbye you.

Bobby – If I didn’t have a good woman I would end up in a fuckin old folks home. Because what happens is about this shit here is this AC is amazing to walk out in the damn hospitals once see once you go in these fuckin Hospitals the got you so on lock down. And shit. You got to agree and be on all them fuckin medications and all that kind of bullshit. And we have to lie to them that we taking them and that’s Bull shit. Because uh because they got that shit all the pharmaceutical industry…yeah hello.

Dr Alim – Yes. But you right.

Bobby – And all that kind of shit you know. My partner you know you have to agree and what happens is if you don’t have a right motherfuckin woman…they will put you in a goddamn old folks home. They put you in these fuckin facilities they drug you up and put you on all these drugs and shit all kind of shit. You can be dead in a year or in a lot sooner and stuff do you know you know and all kind of survive we got all kind of magical and shit. We got clays and all kind of stuff with these new clays and shit this clay is coming from so awesome even from Mexico and Mexico and they not give it back. And clays and oxygene theorpies and all kind of stuff you know yeah. …you got to drink you food and all kind of stuff…got real real spiritual shit you know.

Dr. Alim – Right right righ.

Bobby – You know. And all that. And um the black community the entire world because even the book Julius impoyaco when the Gods fell to earth, how did Zeus and them kit the mother fuckin tightens, the elder Gods from the heavens. Salt, salt. Salt of the earth. Salt of the seas. Salt of the great mother. They got all these mother fuckin niggas in the black community on this sodium. Chicken and all that kind of shit I know it’s hard because it’s a good taste. And that fuckin surgar and all that stuff too. You know man. And got …man. You know I wasn’t born with diabetes. I don’t know what brought it on but I kick the mother fucker in two weeks just bye taking green drinks. Took me some stuff. All you do is blenda, the Jack Lilane blender or so and blend it all green drinks and stuff and that diabetes will run and kick that baby in two weeks and stuff yah. In all you know like that.

Dr Alim – Ok ok

Dr Alim’s Wife – Alright Linda

Dr Alim – That’s what I’m talking about.

Bobby – You what to get out the …diet… you can do it in two weeks you got that. And the Clay…you can do all that stuff through the diet. We could be swanging in stuff. In all. You know I could give a walk through to all my older brother. In 42 weeks I’m down to a 48 It’s something I was about when I was 29 and 30. Yah. And I look like I’m 30. 39 or 53 years old. And it’s amazing man.

Dr Alim’s Wife – I feel like I can breath under water.

Bobby – Oh yah you probably can well you were born under water. You born under water. You know some place in therapy. You know. And now let me tell you now so we could is laugh therapy. We got about ten DVDs with all the comedians ah Paul Mooney uh Eddie Griffin Dave Chapel you know every body. It’s Sinbad.

Paul Mooney Is It The End of the World (Best Stand Up Comedy Full Show, with SUBTITLES)

Black Is the New White Reprint Edition
by Paul Mooney (Author), Dave Chappelle (Foreword)


For more than forty years—whether writing for Richard Pryor and Saturday Night Live or performing stand-up to sold-out crowds around the country—Paul Mooney has been provocative, incisive . . . and absolutely hilarious. His comedy has always been indisputably real and raw, reflecting race issues in America, and this fascinating, fearless new memoir continues that unapologetically candid tradition. 

While other stars soared only to crash and burn, Paul Mooney has stayed chiefly behind the scenes, and he’s got a lifetime of stories to show for it. As head writer for The Richard Pryor Show, he helped tear down racial barriers and change the course of comedy. He helped Robin Williams and Sarah Bernhard break into show business. He paved the way for superstars like Eddie Murphy. Few have witnessed as much comedy history as Mooney; even fewer could recount it with such riotous honesty and depth of insight. He reveals the truth about his celebrated partnership with the brilliant, self-destructive Richard Pryor, from their first meeting to the very last joke, and reflects on some of his most notorious moments. 

Decades ago, Paul Mooney set out not just make audiences laugh but to make them think. Black Is the New White is his blisteringly funny, no-holds-barred memoir of how he continues to succeed wildly at both.

You know, you know. All the comedian and have a smile therapy and laughter therapy. Because you know they got the African Gods, you know the grin. You know you sittin outside and the smilin and grinnin at you and shit…smile. There’s a science to that shit. Even Alister Crolle is on laugh therapy. Yeah laugh therapy…Christopher Hyatt did that laugh therapy. They made the transition.

Dr Alim – Yeah that makes a whole lot of since.

Bobby – That makes alot of since um hm

Dr Alim – in …cheese book he say’s smile down into your organs. So yes. laughing smiling yeah. Exactly.

Bobby – Smile and what we do sleep in total blackness. It can’t be one peace of light…in total blackness like out in space. …It’s some amazing that laugh therapy.

Dr Alim – Right righ

Bobby – Thats something else man.

Dr Alim – That is. I agree with that last therapy that got me through um when Prince Bey pasted so yeah.

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