Movies Decoded [Part 7] (3) Feeling impression (3) Heroes


(3) Feeling impression – Seemingly like a world wind of confusion for the viewer what is the feeling impression the viewer is receiving from the film at the exact moment symbols, dialect and dialogue are present? THIS IS CRITICAL. It happens through the presentation of symbols, slight gestures, point of view shots, where the eyes focus on simultaneously to what is happening in the background and foreground scene, and vice versa while the screenplay dialogue is shared. Actors are selected for specific reasons, scenes, looks, dialect, personality and Idiosyncrasies. Translate this also to the seemingly miscellaneous actor that crosses the foreground and background almost in a blur simultaneously to dialogue, scene shifts or climactic moments.

Pay attention to their racial skin color, hair color, clothing and what they are doing. Also pay attention to objects in the background and foreground, their color, texture, name, wording and signage. The presentation of confusion persists because scenes are jumping from one to another so fast that it is often hard to keep up with what is happening and shown down to the finest details. But keep your eyes on the prize, focus on the patterns that occur consistently throughout most films and movies containing black actors. Note what is happening in the background is just as important as the foreground. For instance, one scene showing a black male in the group of other races in the background, the subsequent scene general shows a black female. Then sometimes they are shown together again or separate and/or apart from each other on different sides of the same scene. It weaves in and out on repeat through the entire film and movie but it is done so slight that it is often easily missed.

In cases with no black actors are in the films foreground or background, default to the black, orange hair color or darkest hair color or skin color. It is almost like the weaving of symbolic Kundalini energy (yen and yang) throughout the film. Check out Citi Hampton explains Kundalini.

(3) Heroes – also see the Heros’ Journey The protagonists and the antagonist are often referred to as heroes. Heroes are often presented as creations either by science, some freak accident or trauma. They do the phenomenal work of suppressing kundalini on behalf of the greater ruling populous. The heroes are the great, strong, clever, resourceful and fearless characters that are connected to the ancient blood line yet control and suppress the manifestation of the ancient blood line within themselves and others. The most ancient powerful people reincarnated and are sprinkled within all the races of the planet. Once a mighty intellectual majority are now relegated facetiously to serving and protecting the ruling populous by prophetic design. The governing power to the ruling populous is their own DNA which is encoded with everything they need to act out their rule over the masses of people on the planet. Kundalini control or suppression and repression inhibits the masses of reptilian symbolic people from exercising the full extent of their combined energy capacities. Which in a united front could easily dominate and dismantle the ruling populous. On the flip side the masses of the people are encoded somehow within their DNA to put their allegiance to the ruling populous even though the rulers are a “new phenomenon” rulers rule out outside of the greater populous’s favor. This allegiance in essence furthers their own destruction because the masses of the people on the planet are constantly yoked with restrictive constraints intended to increase depopulation efforts and kundalini manifestation that feeds natural melanin growth and production. Not to forget to mention the DNA encoding concept alludes to a “Great Design”, prophetic design, predestination or master architect(s). God or Gods. Back to the ancients, one can find symbology all over the outside of older city buildings and housing structures. The ancient people are symbolically the protectors. One will notice, a chained bear, a muzzled lion, a chained hawk (note one may not be able to easily identify the chain and it may not even be present.) ox head with two horns, an owl, a goat head. Superman is associated with the same symbology.

Superman unchained could destroy the world so he must be kept in check (via encoding like a robot or slave) by the Justice League, thus the “always serve and protect” mantra is continually repeated, encoded in the viewer and shared. Superman was once portrayed as very positive trust worthy character but is now portrayed as an untrustworthy and almost villianistic, rageful, unpredictable, alien character where the world has turned against him branding him as an outsider that must be kept in his place, locked up or restrained in order to exploit him for his strength and talents. Also reference the movie Bicentennial Man , iRobot among several other movies that will be added here later. For more information about demi-human programing visit Humans Season 1, HumanSimulacra.pdf  source, Simulacra and simulation PDF by B Conrad Williams source and The Simulacra by Philip K. Dick. Also note Supreme7evol who talks about Souless Beings.